Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural services for buildings
TPD Ref No : 30607982
Document Ref. No. : 067584-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Krefelder Bau GmbH
Address: Peterstr. 121
Town: Krefeld
Postal Code: 47798
Contact Point: 2. OG Raum 2.12

Phone: +49 2151-6327450
Fax: +49 2151-6327700
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural services for buildings

Description: Contract notice: Architectural services for buildings

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71221000,71300000,71221000,71300000
CPV Description: Architectural services for buildings.
Engineering services.
Renovation Stadtwaldhaus Krefeld
Reference Number: 0160_VgV_1
Main Site: Stadtwaldhaus Krefeld
General planning services for the construction measures mentioned under II.1.4 with the following services:
- Object planning buildings (phases 1 to 9) ,
- Structure (phases 1 to 6),
- Technical equipment, group 2.4-8 (Phases 1-3, 5-9),
- Technical Equipment Group 1.3 (phases 1-9)
All other engineering and technical services required are assigned separately.
Planning task:
The city of Krefeld intends to renovate the listed Krefeld city forest house. The Krefelder Bau GmbH was commissioned as a construction supervisor for this measure. The in Krefelder Stadtwald buildings serve as an important event and gastronomy location and allow the use of beer garden in the summer, the management of up to 3,000 visitors. The consequent redevelopment of the building, the technical building equipment as well as the infrastructural connection should now be remedied to ensure the future operation. In the run-up to the Verexpert reports, the collection of cost proposals and the preparation of a reorganization concept for determining the need for refurbishment have already been initiated. Detailed information on the current state of the property and the necessary measures can be found in the redevelopment concept of the architectural firm aib GmbH, which is available in the tender documents.
TheProcurement takes place in the framework of a VgV procurement procedure with prior participation in competitions (without planning services).
Competition: February 2019
Negotiation: expected in May 2019
Planning phase: expected from quarter 4 2019
Execution phase (construction period): expected from November 2020
Eligible persons are natural persons, who are after the chamberlaws of the Laender to manage the job title "Architect" or "Ingenieur / -in" or are entitled to work in the Federal Republic of Germany as an architect / engineer or engineer.
Eligible are legal Persons whose authorized representatives, according to the chamber laws of the Laender, are in charge of the professional title "architect" or "Ingenieur / -in "is entitled or entitled to work in the Federal Republic of Germany as an architect or engineer.
Working groups of natural and legal persons are also eligible if each member of the working group is eligible to participate Evidence of eligibility for the job title is provided by a certificate of ArIf the professional title is not regulated in the country of origin, the professional requirements of who has a diploma, test certificate or other proof of professional competence, its recognition under Directive 2005/36 / EC and Directive 89/48 / EWG.
The following information / evidence / explanationsn are to be provided by the candidate or the consortium.
Annex A. Application for participation
Annex B. Declaration on cooperation with others
Annex B.1 Applicant / grouper`s statement (if applicable)
Annex C. Subcontractor`s declaration (if applicable)
Annex D. General information on the economic operator and self-declaration
Annex D.1 extract from the commercial register (as separate annsubmit age; in legal persons; not older than 6 months, reference date = date of publication)
Annex D.2 Proof of eligibility for the professional title of the representative of the economic operator (to be submitted as a separate annex)
Annex D.3 Liability plus proof of insurance cover (as separate Submit investment for the current year, over theDuration of the contract to be submitted every year)
- proof of the existence of a professional liability insurance or undertaking to take out a professional indemnity insurance acc. - 45 para. 4 no. 2 VgV in case of order.
Annex D.4 Self-declaration Exclusionary reasons
Annex E.1 Total turnover
- Statement on total turnover over the last 3 completed financial years (2016-)2018)
In the event of any conflict between different details in the tender documents, only the text published in the EU Official Journal shall prevail.
The contracting authority shall, if required by law, request missing explanations or evidence, which must be provided to the contracting authority within 6 calendar days following written request Information about the procedure is on theThe following can be submitted in the concrete procedure as follows:
- Submission in text form according to - 126 b BGB
Further information on the signatures, the bidder tool and For technical operation please visit in the area of Business / Purchasing NRW / Vergabemarktplatz and in particular under
The uploading, the encryption of the confirmation of interest, the request to participate / offer and the forwarding takes place with the one from the awarding market place Rheinland provided Bietertool. The upload is only until the end of the orderWith the submission in writing according to - 126b BGB (German Civil Code) or with the advanced or qualified electronic signature, the confirmation of interest / the request to participate / the offer and all documents submitted with it are signed. Possibly. Registration option included in the given formsFor offers by consortia, the offer must be submitted and uploaded by the authorized member of the consortium in written form in accordance with - 126b BGB or signed. Reference is made to the conditions of application and award.
Any statements made by third parties (eg subcontractor`s letter of engagement, offerCommunity Declaration) are to be enclosed with the offer. The following possibilities can be used:
- File of the signed and scanned third-party declaration,
- File of the signed and photographed third-party declaration,
- File of the e-mail with which the third party has sent his declaration to the applicant / bidder.
Any changes or corrections or reductionsof the confirmation of interest / application / offer must be submitted in the same form as the confirmation / request to participate / the offer by the end of the participation period / deadline.
Questions on the application procedure must be submitted exclusively via the communication level of the awarding marketplace Rhineland. The questions and answers are exclusively uebHe provided the tendering platform to all interested candidates. Candidates / questionnaires remain anonymous.
Announcement ID: CXPTYRFY3L5

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Deadline : 14 Mar 2019
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