Country : Lao People's Democratic Republic
Summary : Supply of Equipment for Kaysone Phomvihane Solid Waste and Materials Recovery Subprojects
TPD Ref No : 32268992
Document Ref. No. : NCB-2.1.2//SWM0002
Financier : Self Financed
Department of Public Works and Transport
Tender Details : Procurement Plan for Supply of Equipment for Kaysone Phomvihane Solid Waste and Materials Recovery Subprojects. A. Regulation and Reference Documents 1. The procedures to be followed for National Competitive Bidding (NCB) shall be those set forth for "Public Bidding" in Prime Minister`s Decree No. 03/PM of the Lao People`s Democratic Republic, effective 09 January 2004, and Implementing Rules and Regulations effective 12 March 2004 with update 0861/MOF of 05 May 2009 entitled " Amendments of Some Articles of Implementing Rules and Regulations on Decree Of Government Procurement Of Goods, Works, Maintenance And Services", with the clarifications and modifications described in the following paragraphs required for compliance with the provisions of the Procurement Guidelines. B. Procurement Procedures 1. Procurement Plan 2. Contract packages subject to NCB procedures will be those identified as such in the project Procurement Plan. Any changes to the method of procurement from those provided in the Procurement Plan shall be made through updating of the Procurement Plan, and only with prior approval of ADB. 2. Eligibility 3. The eligibility of bidders shall be as defined under Section I of the Procurement Guidelines; accordingly, no bidder or potential bidder should be declared ineligible for reasons other than those provided in Section I of the Guidelines, as amended from time to time. 3. Preferences 4. No preference of any kind shall be given to domestic bidders or for domestically manufactured goods. 5. Suppliers and contractors shall not be required to purchase local goods or supplies or materials. 4. National Sanctions List 6. National sanctions lists may be applied only with prior approval of ADB. 5. Advertising 7. The posting of NCB specific notices for contracts valued at less than $1 million on ADB`s website is not required but is highly recommended. C. Procurement Documents 6. Use of Harmonized Documents 8. The harmonized standard bidding documents entitled "Procurement of Works, NCB-SBD, Harmonized Bidding Documents, December 2015" and "Procurement of Goods, NCB-SBD, Harmonized Bidding Documents, December 2015" approved by the Ministry of Finance through 3246/MOF dated 28 September 2015, and approved by ADB by OSFMD/OSP2 dated 7 June 2016, shall be used for all procurement by NCB unless exceptions are specifically identified in the Procurement Plan. 7. Rejection of all Bids and Rebidding 9. Bids shall not be rejected and new bids solicited without ADB`s prior concurrence. 8. Disclosure of Decisions on Contract Awards 10. At the same time that notification on award of contract is given to the successful bidder, the results of the bid evaluation shall be published in a local newspaper or well-known freely accessible website identifying the bid and lot numbers and providing information on (i) name of each Bidder who submitted a Bid, (ii) bid prices as read out at bid opening, (iii) name of bidders whose bids were rejected and the reasons for their rejection, (iv) name of the winning Bidder, and the price it offered, as well as the duration and summary scope of the contract awarded. The executing agency/implementing agency shall respond in writing to unsuccessful bidders who seek explanations on the grounds on which their bids are not selected. 9. ADB Policy Clauses 11. A provision shall be included in all NCB works and goods contracts financed by ADB requiring suppliers and contractors to permit ADB to inspect their accounts and records and other documents relating to the bid submission and the performance of the contract, and to have them audited by auditors appointed by ADB. 12. A provision shall be included in all bidding documents for NCB works and goods contracts financed by ADB
Deadline : 08 Apr 2020
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