Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Accommodation, building and window cleaning services
TPD Ref No : 33807010
Document Ref. No. : 272538-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Stadt Garching b. München
Address: Rathausplatz 3
Town: Garching bei München
Postal Code: 85748

Phone: +49 8932089197
Fax: +49 89320899197
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

Description: Contract notice: Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 90911000,90911200,90911300,90900000,90910000,90919300,90919200,90911000,90911200,90911300,90900000,90910000,90919300,90919200
CPV Description: Accommodation, building and window cleaning services.
Building-cleaning services.
Window-cleaning services.
Cleaning and sanitation services.
Cleaning services.
School cleaning services.
Office cleaning services.
Reinigungsdienstleistungen fuer die Stadt Garching b. Muenchen
Reference Number : I-621-2/4
Unterhalts- und Glasreinigung in verschiedenen Gebaeuden, aufgeteilt in 3 Losen.
Main Site : In15 000 m Cleaning and care of ceilings and walls, textile and non-textile floor coverings, sanitary and technical equipment as well as objects of interior design and interior design in the following objects:
Elementary school and middle school West Component AF Kinderhort West Component E,
elementary school Hochbrueck,
offene Ganztagsschule Hochbrueck,
Jugendfreizeitheim Hochbrueck,
Vereinsraeume district center,
Vereinsheim FC Hochbrueck,
VfR Garching clubhouse,
sports stadium on the lake,
triple sports hall,
Sanitaeranlagen U-Bahn Hochbrueck. Special work on request. Specifications for the annual cleaning hours: For the provision of the advertised maintenance cleaningservices (see specifications and price sheets) must be provided for this lot at least 12 640 annual cleaning hours (total hours without object management). of the Bidder (BI) or Each Member of the Grouping (MB):
1) BI / MB declares that no person whose conduct is attributable to his company (UN) shall be deemed to be a criminal offender in accordance with Art. Section 123 para.1 Nos. 1-10 and 2 GWB have been sentenced or have not been properly sanctioned against UN sanctions pursuant to Section 30 of the Law on Offenses;
2) BI / MB declares that UN is not in breach of - 124 (1) or contrary to the provisions of - 124 (2);
3) BI / MB declares that he:
a) the commercial law. Vorauss. for the performance of the performance itself o. by third partye (to explain), if he prefers this. not self-fulfilling; b) Employees / vicarious agents of the client (AG) and the contracting authority (VSt) have not offered any benefits, promised or granted them;
c) in case of questions / further clarification needs of the client, in particular as to suitability, request for clarifications or proof (eg certificate of social insurance, HR excerpt, banker`s note). further knowledgeprovide information / evidence;
d) about a valid liability insurance. according to which BI or all MB and subcontractors (NU) are included in He / she is hereby assured that he / she concludes an appropriate insurance in case of commission:
(a) personal injury up to at least 5 000 000,00 EUR;
(b) damage to property and property as well as environmental damage toat least 1 000 000,00 EUR;
(c) damage up to at least 1 000 000,00 EUR;
(d) Key loss up to at least EUR 150 000.00.
The risks referred to in subparagraph (a) (d) shall be mutually covered by the relevant amount, with an insurance cover of up to two times per year og Sufficient coverage. (e) not to be registered in a professionalor commercial register is obligatory o. it is registered in it, indication of Nr / Register u. Name with place; f) AG unverzuegl. inform u. possibly updated Eigenerkl. and, if necessary, evidence (s) if, during the further proceedings (before o. after submission of the offer), changes to the facts declared by him or other circumstances that are identifiable as being relevant for him. Foran award of contract will result in:
for BI / MB details of company name, address of head office, full name of the contact person. for all questions of the VSt to the BI (telephone, telefax, e-mail),
with consortia (BG) additional information legal form of the BG (currently and from the beginning of service provision), declaration of joint guilt. Liability, indication of an authorized representativelike response for all questions of the VSt to the BG o. their members (individual) with telephone / fax / E-Mail. II, as far as BI / MB has in the past committed breaches of the law, in particular against the lawfulness and Zuverlkt. speak, but meanwhile suitable measures. for self-cleaning iSd. - 125 GWB has met, then BI / MB has to submit the evidence together with the offerThese requirements apply to a NU / Associated UN which is intended to provide significant services; this is a commitment with appropriate information on the form. in the tender documents (in case of mismatch of the submission already with the offer submission for NU at the request of the VSt before final scoring),
agreed. with the memorytion / processing of the communicated personal data. Data for the award procedure, compulsory third party consents must be evidenced at the request of the AG,
Statements / Declarations / Evidence (AEN), which were not submitted by BI until the expiry of the offer period, can expire until expiry of a term to be determined by the AG Grace period at BI app. become. BI does not reach the required AEN within einer from the AG set additional period, so the offer is excluded. AG is not obliged to give BI the opportunity to supplement its information after the expiry of the period of notice, but is generally entitled to VGV III. see. Para. III 1.2) and 1.3).
I) Turnover for the last 3 financial years 2016-2018 (net, only bidders alone, not group / affiliated companies) and information on the duration of the businessyear (if not identical to calendar year) for which the above information was provided and at the beginning of business (when business commences after 2016); Obligation to submit balance sheets at the request of the client without undue delay / / Balance sheet statements for the last two financial years, if published in accordance with company lawState in which the tenderer is established. II. II, under conditions of professional competence, including requirements for entry in a trade or professional register, shall be deemed to be III. See no. III.1.1) and III.1.3).
The award is divided into 3 lots. Offers can be made for a single lot, for 2 lots or for all lots. The bidder kanHowever, you will only receive the contract for one lot. If a bidder in both lots has submitted the most economical bid for the maintenance cleaning, he will be awarded the lot 1. If the bidder has submitted the most economical offer in one lot for the maintenance cleaning and the lot glass cleaning, he will be awarded the lot of maintenance cleaning. The submit with the offerConcepts are not prompted.

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Deadline : 24 Jul 2019
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