Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Adult and other education services
TPD Ref No : 31578631
Document Ref. No. : 123076-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Bundesagentur fr Arbeit, Regionales Einkaufszentrum BB/SAT, Niederlassung Halle
Address: Schopenhauerstr. 2
Town: Halle an der Saale
Postal Code: 06114

Phone: +49 345-5249-4900
Fax: +49 345-5249-6585
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Adult and other education services

Description: Contract notice: Adult and other education services

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Not applicable
CPV code: 80400000,80400000,80400000
CPV Description: Adult and other education services.
REZ BBSAT 45ind JC City Magdeburg
Reference Number: 901-19-45ind-71111
Conception and implementation of the measure "Durchstarter" according to - 16 section 1 of the Second Book of the Social Code (SGB II) in connection with V. - 45 para 1 sentence 1 Third Book of Social Code (SGB III) for about 200 participants in the district of the regional shopping center Berlin-Brandenburg / Saxony-Anha.
Lt-Thueringen Main Site: Magdeburg
REZ BBSAT 45ind JC Magdeburg
continuation of III.1.4):
commitment to deliver a copy of the appropriate certificate in addition to the current system according to - 5 VI AZAV upon request from the registry. Also is to declare that it would, if necessary, no later are equipped with a location-based Traegerzulassung to measure startn. Section III: Information on any exclusion grounds and any measures for self-cleaning.
Section IV: Confirmation by each additional member of the grouping (BG) that the statements corresponding to Sections II, III (if necessary) and V and the other declarations requested by him in the other files for submission of tenders (including the one listed here)(e) Section V: Indication of the parts of the contract with the intention of subcontracting / suitability lending and naming of the already existing subcontractors; Undertaking that the undertakings provided will provide the tenderer / BG with identical written declarations under Section II (with the exception of the declarations in II.7 and II.12) and, to the extent necessary,leave after section III of this file. Obligation in the context of the suitability lending to obtain a confirmation of the capacity of the compulsory company; Explain that the above statements are in place and that no company provided for subcontracting / suitability lending has affirmed the existence of any grounds for exclusion. If not, the contracting authority demandsthe submission of the declarations made, when the offer is short-listed.
D.2.1.pdf (declaration on compulsory working conditions and register inquiry)
For contracts over EUR 30 000, the contracting authority will ask for the tenderer / member of a BG, which is to receive the contract, before submitting an order information from the central commercial register- 150a GewO. For this, file D.2.1.pdf must be accompanied by the required information.
D.2.2.pdf (statement on the ethical clause)
Personnel self-declaration on any advisory services to the BA during the 18 months prior to this notice; no conclusion of contract if the service offered is to be assigned to the same area which was also the object of the consultation.
A contract has been canceledirrespective of whether the services offered belong to the same area as or which was also the object of the consultation.
To prove that you are a member of the Advisory Board, if these criteria were met within a period of 6 months prior to the publication of the award or employees of a company on whose behalf the person holds the BAa binding statement of this company is to be attached to the facts.
D.3.pdf (Statement on reference services)
Indication of suitable references concerning executed orders from the tenderer, members of the BG and / or subcontractors.
Proof provided that the service to be awarded or a comparable service (examples in A.3 of the generalnotes) within the last 3 years (calculated from the day on which the offer period ends) or the person engaged in the preparation of the offer and / or the execution or execution of the execution has already performed such a service in the form of a list indicating the contractor, the service provided,time and place, participant capacities, of the client with contact person incl. telephone no. and separate explanations based on the experience of the staff.

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Deadline : 09 Apr 2019
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