Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural and related services
TPD Ref No : 30608006
Document Ref. No. : 067608-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Magistrat der Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden
Address: Gustav-Stresemann-Ring 15
Town: Wiesbaden
Postal Code: 65189
Contact Point: Hochbauamt

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural and related services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural and related services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71200000,71200000
CPV Description: Architectural and related services.
Bodelschwingh School Architectural Achievements
Reference Number: 64-826 / 19-B
Services to be Provided in these Procedures:
Main Site: Poertschacher Strasse 12
The Friedrich von Bodelschwingh School is the school with the Special focus on physical and motor development for the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis and the state capital Wiesbadenabout 150 students aged 6 to 21 years of school, of which about 135 are housed at the site. There are a total of about 60 teachers and a further 18 supervisors at the school.
Up to 400 people are present at special events.
The school currently has considerable fire protection gauges, as well as the integrated therapy bath and also someTherefore, the city of Wiesbaden has commissioned a feasibility study to investigate the need for action, which should serve as a basis for further planning (see appendices). One of the architects is looking for a fire protection rehabilitation project based on the already commissioned new fire protection concept. deIn addition, the therapy bath is to be comprehensively refurbished, and a suitable concept is to be developed and implemented in close cooperation with a planning office for bathing water technology. Here the increased demands of the school due to the special care situation have to be taken into account holistic remedy and a budget-orientedModernization of the school to be carried out. To this end, the fullest possible identification and prioritization of the necessary measures is necessary, in order to subsequently create a conclusive concept of the measures actually to be implemented together with the client, users and the planning team.
All measures should be implemented according to current planning status during ongoing operationbe t
parallel are advertised Services of technical equipment in 3 lots and traffic facilities in separate announcements
Objektplanung buildings LPH 1-9 and possibly special services
Currently the intended project period:
It is immediately after the procedure with the Planning to be started. The goal is abzuschliesse performance phase 3 to August 2019n (duration approx. 3 months). The present planning is then subject to a plausibility check and subsequently serves as a basis for establishing necessary committee decisions.
As soon as this is the case, the project is to go into the execution phase, which is scheduled to take several construction phases of about 2 to 4 years City of Wiesbaden got of the following costs:
KG 300 EUR 1,4 million net
KG 400 EUR 1,6 million net
KG 500 (traffic installations) EUR 0,6 million net
To be supplied or observed:
- complete completed application for participation with attachments,
- the application form must be used (application for participation form with attached attachments)! - only application forms will be acceptedthe current technical requirements of the tendering platform are to be observed; - in the case of bidding consortia, an "Applicant Joint Notice" filled out by all the members in plain text (form in the application for participation) with reference to the joint and several liability of all members and the Designation of aauthorized representative (the consortium continues to operate as a consortium in the case of an invitation to tender and acts as a consortium in case of awarding the contract), - if the candidate wishes to prove his ability and the expertise of other undertakings, he must prove his / her application lead him to the necessaryavailable funds (- 47 (1) VgV). The proof can z. For example, in the case of legal persons, an up-to-date entry in the relevant register (eg certificate of incorporation) or, failing that, an equivalent certificate from a court or administrative authority of the origin- Proof of professional accreditation as an architect, foreign applicants must be provided with equivalent proof of their country of origin, - Proof of existing professional indemnity insurance (from each member of a BG), In the case of an order, a coverage of EUR 2 million for personal injury and 2 Mio. EUR for other damage,
- if necessary. Linkage with third parties (for member communities of each member and the NU),
- the information on the absence of any grounds for exclusion and / or convictions according to - 42 Abs.1 VgV and -- 123.124 GWB are insured with the submission of the completely filled application for participation Demand of documents accaess - 56 VgV is reserved:
- applications only for partial performances lead to the exclusion of the application,
- procurement-relevant multiple participations, which lead to a breach of the secret competition, are excluded. The bidders must explain comprehensibly with the offer and prove that a breach of the secret competition can be excluded. Guide deIf the bidder does not provide sufficient or insufficient proof, it is presumed that his multiple participation in the tendering procedure has violated the secret competition. In this case, both offers are excluded.
Required proof of aptitude (in accordance with -- 122 ff. GWB, -- 42 ff. VgV), which are in the form of recognized pre-qualification certificates (inter alia HPQR), are admitted and a- Applicants` turnover for comparable services of the last 3 completed business years on average for individual applicants or applicants in applicant communities in total.
Required proof of eligibility (according to -- 122 ff. GWB , -- 42 ff. VgV), in the form of recognized PraequalifikatioCertificates (including HPQR) are accepted and accepted if the form and content of the certificates of qualification correspond to the required aptitude test.
Planning offices have already been involved in preliminary investigations. They are free to apply for this procedure.
All tenderers invited to submit tenders must sign a contract with the tendering authorityIn order to ensure the transparency of the competition, a scoring guide for scoring the award criteria is attached to this notice. It is strongly recommended to follow this guide. This is part of the tender documents.
In the context of the tender preparation the bidders are given the possibility of a site visitThis is planned for CW 14 / 15.
Further information will be given in the invitation to tender.
All other annexes to this announcement are also to be considered.
These are:
1) Application form;
2) Reference projects form;
3) Applicant Community Declaration;
4) Subcontractor Pledge;
5) Matrix eligibility criteria (Phase 1);
6) Matrix Award Criteria (Phase 2);
7) Grading Guide Award Criteria;
8) Draft Contract;
9) Feasibility Study (consisting of 5 individual reports);
10.) Fire Safety Concept.
Any questions regarding the procedure should be referred to the contact point (point I.3) ( Stadtbauplan GmbH).
For technical problems with the eHAD platform, please contact the hotline +49 (0) 611/974 588-28.

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