Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural and related services
TPD Ref No : 33806852
Document Ref. No. : 272519-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Ev.- Lutherische Diakonissenanstalt e. V.
Address: Holzhofgasse 29
Town: Dresden
Postal Code: 01099

Phone: +49 3518101067
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural and related services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural and related services

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71200000,71200000
CPV Description: Architectural and related services.
Object Planning LP 5-9 Hospital Emmaus Niesky
Reference Number: 1-OPL
The aim of the procedure is to award the project planning services according to - 34 HOAI.
Main Site: Niesky, DE
The hospital building was planned in 1995/96 and built until 98. The now extant extension creates a new access situation for the emergency room, in the adjacentn Ground floor area, a reorganization of the uses by conversions. Existing fire safety deficits should be eliminated in this course.
The construction work must be carried out while maintaining the hospital operation, which is why the construction must be carried out in several sections with appropriate intervals:
1) The on the ground floor of the existing hospital building bestehende Nofallaufnahme is extended by a single-storey cultivation. As a result, sequences in the recording can be better structured and thus optimized (BT1);
2) The new recording or input situation can be used to differentiate various functions in existing areas of the emergency room, which in turn optimizes and improves the course of treatment. (BT2);
3) Required BrProtective measures in the area of remodeled emergency rooms (BT2) and also in areas of the EC and UG that are largely unaffected by the reconstruction measures take place in BT3. The deficits concern both the formation of necessary corridors and smoke sections as well as the insufficient fire resistance of individual components with requirements for fire protection (Waende, Decken, doors). Due to the conversion into BT2, there are also requirements in the adjoining areas of the partitioning of electrical and HLS lines in BT3;
4) In the BT4, all measures for preventive fire protection in the 1st floor, 2nd floor and DG are derived from the component inspection in accordance with applicable regulations. This also applies to the training of necessary corridorsand smoke zones (<30 m), the formation of units of use (<400 m) and the insufficient fire resistance of individual components with requirements for fire protection (walls, ceilings, doors);
5) Measures for the preservation of the existing building are identified in the BT5, such as eg the renewal of the facade coating and the floor covering in the station floors, as well as the telephone / fiber optic connectionThese measures are part of the maintenance payments and are not requested for funding;
6) Services are recorded in the BT6, which may be implemented as an early measure. Conversion of a basement room to a computer room.
Building data:
Conversions in the EC: BGF = 1 500 m
New building: GFA = 188 m
Planned sequence:
2019 Planning overall measure LP 4, 5 and 6, beginning ofcompleted construction work UG
2020 planning ongoing, LP 5-8, beginning: 1st BA
2021 planning ongoing 1.BA completion and beginning of 2nd and 3rd BA
2022 planning ongoing, completion of 2nd and 3rd BA; Start 4. BA
2023 Completion of the overall measure.
1) Declaration on the absence of exclusion reasons according to -- 123, 124 GWB;
2) Information on economic and / or legal links
3) Proof of professional qualification as architect or master engineer of the applicant and / or manager of the company. The following information is required (in accordance with - 75 VgV): name, professional qualification, proof of professional admission (chamber certificate, building permit), 4) self-declaration that the provision of services is independent of the executionand delivery interests takes place acc. -73 Abs. 3 VgV.
In the case of applicant associations, the information on No. 1 to No. 4 must be presented separately for all members.
1) Professional liability acc. Section 45 (1) VgV; Liability insurance over EUR 3 000 000 for personal injury and EUR 2 000 000 for other damage to an insurance company licensed in the EU. Proof that maximizing E2) information on the annual turnover (net) for corresponding services (planning services in accordance with Part 3 Section 1 of the HOAI) ) of the last 3 years4 (4) VgV;
3) If the applicant intends to subcontract parts of the contract to third parties by way of subcontracting, he shall designate the intended subcontractors and the scope and, if applicable, for them Submit other subordinate companies with the application all the required information and references. A corresponding contractorSubmission of these companies must be submitted on request;
4) Information on the utilization of the capacities of other companies in accordance with Art. Section 47 (1) VgV. If yes, an undertaking from other undertakings and a declaration by the undertaking obliged to make a commitment.
For groups of interested parties, the information relating to Nos 2 to 4 must be provided separately for all members2) The contracting authority will provide a free of charge application form. Requested additions to the application form are attached. It is expressly pointed out that the application form provided by the client must be used to prepare the application for participation. The documents are exclusively in DIN A4 - Forsubmit mat. Requests to participate which do not comply with this formal requirement shall be excluded; 3) Requested supporting documents shall in principle be accepted as copies, unless expressly requested otherwise. Non German-language proof must be submitted as a certified translation in German (minimum requirement)
4) General Werbebroschueren u. FurtherDocuments for the presentation of the applicant as well as additional information that goes beyond what is required. These are not included in the procedure;
5) By requesting participation in the negotiation, the applicant will receive further documents (draft planning) previously produced for the project;
6) Multiple applications are not permitted. A multiple application is also an application unterscvarious branches of a bureau. Multiple applications from members of an applicant community or different branches of a bureau u. of subcontractors will result in the departure of all members of the consortium and of all candidates with the same subcontractors (exclusion criterion);
7) Include the notice or the documents relating to the participationIf, in the Applicant`s opinion, any ambiguity, contradiction or contravention thereof are contrary to applicable law, the Applicant shall notify the AGun in writing thereof. If this is not the case, the applicant will be pre- scribed with these objections;

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Deadline : 12 Jul 2019
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