Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
TPD Ref No : 33806623
Document Ref. No. : 272501-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Land Schleswig-Holstein
Address: Gartenstraße 6
Town: Kiel
Postal Code: 24103
Contact Point: Gebäudemanagement Schleswig-Holstein (GM.SH) AöR

Phone: +49 431-599-2300
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71000000,71000000
CPV Description: Architectural, Construction, Engineering and Inspection Services.
Prison Luebeck New replacement building B and redevelopment measures to be implemented House A
Architectural and engineering services according to HOAI for the construction work New construction substitute house B and remedial measures to be included House A in the prison Luebeck
Main Site: Luebeck
Das existing house B of the JVALuebeck no longer meets the required functional and structural requirements of modern enforcement and must be discontinued. It should be replaced by a new building at the same place. The new basement to be planned should contain the following areas:
- Social therapy area with 2 departments, common therapy area and free-time court, living rooms incl. Teauechen, prison service rooms, shower rooms and side rooms,
- detention area with 4 detention groups including detention rooms, common area and free-time court,
- service area including tea rooms, prison service rooms, shower rooms and ancillary rooms,
- archives, storage, changing rooms and technology in the basement Usable area will be approx. 2,151 m, distributed over max. 3 full-storeys. By the new building dhouse B, the structural separation between social therapy and detention area should be implemented. At the same time, the directly attached monument-protected house A must be integrated both creatively and technically. The necessary fire protection and energetic individual measures in house A must be carried out in close coordination with the planning of the new building.
For this purpose, planning offices are to become theParticipation in the procurement process asked, which cover the performance plans building design, technical planning technical equipment, outdoor equipment planning, building physics, civil engineering and geotechnical engineering and have implemented similar measures in the past. In each case the work phases 2-8 are to be worked on.:
General planning services in stepwise order:
- Object planning acc. HOAI Part 3, Section 1, - 34 Buildings and Interior Rooms, LPH 2-8,
- Objektplanung acc. HOAI Part 3, Section 2, - 39 Freestanding, LPH 2-8,
- Fachplanung acc. HOAI Part 4, Section 1, - 51 structural engineering, LPH 2-6,
- Fachplanung acc. HOAI Part 4, Section 2, - 55 of the Technical Equipment for the Anl.Gr. 1 to 8, LPH 2-8,
- Object planning acc. HOAI Part 3 Section 3, - 43 Civil Engineering, LPH2-8,
- Consulting services acc. HOAI Annex 1.3 Geotechnics,
- Consulting services acc. HOAI Annex 1.2 Building physics (heat protection and energy balancing, building acoustics, room acoustics) and

special services.
The client reserves the right, in accordance with the specified specific performance obligations, to award only part of the basic services from the aforementioned performance plans. The Verthe planning services acc. HOAI is gradual. The first stage comprises work phases 2 3.
The following procedure is carried out:
In phase 1, applicants will submit the request for participation with the required supporting documents. Entries received will be examined and the number of candidates admitted will be reduced.
In Phase 2, the approved candidates will be reduced to one
Project dates:
Start of construction Dismantling: 2021
Construction completion 2023
The project preparation and planning phase will start this year.
Estimated construction costs (KG200-600) total: 12 780 000 EUR gross.
The KG 300 and 400 amount to approx. EUR 8 075 000 and EUR 3 377 000 gross.
Preliminary remarks for Sections III.1.1) to III.1.3) and III.2.1) to III.2.2)for candidate associations, intended suitability lending and subcontracting:
- the individual applicants are equal to the applicant associations. For applicant associations, the application for participation must be completed separately by each member of the applicant community and submitted as an attachment together with the application for participation of the authorized member of the applicant community. It must jEach member is required to prove his / her suitability for the part of the performance to which he / she wishes to take part.
- If the candidate intends to use the capacity of other companies (qualifying lending) for each of these other companies, they will be the application form II-1 information, statements, evidence or other documents providedthey are also required in the contract notice to be submitted together with the applicant`s request to participate, - if the candidate intends to award subcontracts without using the capacity of other companies (not a qualifying loan) to meet the selection criteria, this is a template Form for participation application II-1 and the one mentioned thereStatements, statements, proofs or other documents are not required for the subcontractors. In the context of aptitude, only the suitability of the candidate will be checked, - the general procedural instructions in section VI.3) (Additional information) must be observed.
The following must be submitted:
1) Applicant groups must make a self-declaration of all their members in Text form in which the formation of a consortium is declared in the case of an assignment, in which all members are listed and the representative authorized to carry out the contract is designated, and it is declared that the authorized representative represents the members in a legally binding manner vis - - - vis the client and that all Members as jointly and severally liablen (form declaration of the Applicant Community II-2). At the request of the awarding authority, a declaration signed by all members must be submitted in writing;
2) self-declaration that the exclusionary reasons stated in - 123 (1-4) and 124 (1) GWB do not apply to the applicant (in accordance with the application for participation form II -1).
1) Proof of a valid occupationLiability insurance at least in the amount of EUR 3 000 000 for personal injury and EUR 1 000 000 for damage to property or a binding declaration by the liability insurer that the existing liability insurance is increased to the required minimum coverage in the event of an order. In this case, the certificate of the liability insurer before the order is placedself-declaration about the total turnover of the applicant in the last 3 business years (year by year) and self-declaration over the turnover in the last 3 business years (year-wise) for achievements, which corresponds to the subject of the contract, if this differs from the total turnover (acc. Form Application for Participation II-1).
Questions are in writing about the e-assignmentplatform or by e-mail to Questions will be accepted until 1.7.2019. The list of questions and answers will be published on the website under the respective award.
The completed application for participation with attachments is in text form using electronic means via the e-procurement platform submit. This requires a one-time registration. On the e-procurement platform there is a single placeholder for the application number including all attachments. The application for participation, including all attachments, must be uploaded either as a complete PDF file or as a ZIP file with a folder structure. Bewerbergemfor their application, they must upload the application for membership of the authorized member of the Applicant Community including their attachments. This must be accompanied by the participation applications of all members of the applicant community as attachments. The same applies in the case of the suitability lending for the other companies.
General procedural notes for those under III.1.1) to III.1.3) and III.2.1) to III.2.2):
- the information, declarations, proofs and other documents mentioned under III.1.1) to III.1.3) and III.2.1) to III.2.2) are in use of the application for participation form II-1 must be submitted to the contracting authority by the deadline for applications and must be submitted (not older than 12 months, except for diplomas and admission to the Chamber)- as far as reference is made in the tender documents to form sheets, these are to be used, - the required information, explanations, proofs and other documents are to be submitted for all achievement pictures, - foreign applicants can replace the required ones Proof of suitability also provide comparable proof of aptitude. They are recognized if they are nain accordance with the legislation of the State in which the company is established. Confirmations in a language other than German must be submitted in certified translation, - Required information, declarations, proofs and other documents must be enclosed with the application for participation, unless these are already included in Form II-1. To eachThe system number must be entered in the system. At the end of the application for participation, the attachments must be listed in the order in which they were given on the previous pages,
- acc. Section 50 (3) VgV requires applicants or tenderers u. a. then fail to provide any proof of eligibility if the contracting authority already possesses such proof. This may be the case if applicants othe tenderer has already submitted such evidence in a previous procurement procedure. If candidates or tenderers wish to invoke this procedural facilitation in a public procurement procedure, they must indicate the contract number of the procurement procedure in which they submitted the supporting documents. Without specification of the aforementioned contract number can not nachvollz on behalf of the clientwhether and which supporting documents have been submitted by the candidates or tenderers in previous procurement procedures. It should be noted that the evidence on which applicants or bidders rely must be up-to-date with the respective award procedure
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Deadline : 08 Jul 2019
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