Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural, engineering and planning services
TPD Ref No : 30607979
Document Ref. No. : 067581-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Stadt Sinsheim
Address: Wilhelmstraße 14-18
Town: Sinsheim
Postal Code: 74889
Contact Point: Vergabestelle

Phone: +49 7261-404-211
Fax: +49 7261-404-4560
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural, engineering and planning services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural, engineering and planning services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71240000,71240000
CPV Description: Architectural, engineering and planning services.
023/19 Kraichgau Realschule Sinsheim, Planerleistung
Reference Number: 023/19
Assignment of General Planning Services
Main Site: Stadt Sinsheim
The city council of Sinsheim has decided to renovate and modernize despite regular maintenance - and the need for adjustment basically by the Sanieruand remodeling of the Mittelbau, and a slight expansion. For a speedy and asleep construction process, a contract awarding procedure (VgV) should therefore be found for the task.
In a feasibility study for the cost group 300 about 5 017 000 EUR and the cost group 400 about 1 490 000 EUR costs determined.
ZiIt is intended to create a building and room structure for today`s spatial, pedagogical and design requirements as well as to provide the necessary amount of space for the refurbishment and reconstruction measures of the three-storey central building. In the course of the reconstruction measures, accessibility will be provided for the Mittelbau Elevator.
It is intended to the middle floor fuHe cleared the entire construction phase and outsourced the school operation in containers at the adjacent sports field of the school. There is a special "need for action" in the interior, for the entire area of electrical installation, lighting, sanitary areas and pipelines.The central sanitary block is to be extended over all floors and to be extensively renovated.
The negotiated procedure mit Participation competition aims to award the following general planner services:
Architectural services -34 HOAI (Lph 1-9)
Structural design -51 HOAI (Lph 1-6)
TGA HLS planning -53 HOAI (Lph 1-9) (ALG 1 , 2, 3 and 8)
TGA-ELT planning -53 HOAI (Lph 1-9) (ALG 4, 5, 6 and 7, incl. ALG 6 passenger / goods lifts)
The scope of approval covers the states of the European Economic Area EEA like that
The language of the negotiated procedure is German.
The procedure is as follows:
Competition to participate (3.3) Selection of at least 3 and max. 5 participants in the negotiation procedure (tenderers` talks) by the negotiating body. Reach more than 5 applications the required minimum puIf fewer than three applicants achieve the required minimum number of points, so many applicants will prove that at least three candidates take part in the bidding process. If there is the same number of points, the lot decides.
Application of an applicant community as a general planner:
In this case, the specialist planners fill out a common arch. Each specialist planner can only einmal negotiation procedure. Negotiation procedure (3.4) Negotiations between the negotiating body and the selected tenderers. Award of contract General planner for architectural services, structural design, planning services Technical building equipment (HLS / ELT)
Professional aptitude Any natural or legal persons who have the required qualifications are eligible to participate professional requirementIn the case of natural persons, the professional requirements are met if, in accordance with the legislation of their country of origin, they are entitled to use the professional title of their respective discipline, ie architect, structural engineer, or technical building equipment on the day of publication. Is in the respective country of origin the occupational titleIf the certification is not regulated by law, the professional requirements will be met by those who have a diploma, exam- ination certificate or other proof of competence, whose recognition is guaranteed in accordance with the European Directive 2005/36 / EC "Berufsanerkennungs- richtung." For legal persons, the professional requirements are fulfilled to its statutory Geschaepurpose of the above-mentioned engineering services, and if the authorized representative of the legal entity satisfies the professional requirements Under the above conditions, candidate working groups can also apply as general planners. Here is the leading and total debtorExplicit partners to name explicitly.
Multiple applications of natural or legal persons lead to the exclusion of all parties involved.
Proof of suitability (-- 44-46 VgV)
Proof of suitability for the applicant by uploading to the portal on the basis of evidence, explanations and references in the form of project foils (predefined PowerPoint) / project sheets with reference sheetsthe application form in which they state to what extent they meet the selection criteria.
For correctness control, all documents to be submitted must be submitted in parallel as printout (printouts of the slides in DIN A 3) on the submission deadline.
Admission criteria:
- Timely application,
- Application form (Download ) with the required signatures of all eligible persons, explanation nach Textform (- 126b BGB),
- Self-declaration by the applicant (in the application form) that there are no grounds for exclusion - - 48 (1) VgV / - 123 GWB, required signatures of all persons entitled to participate in the text form (- 126b BGB).

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Deadline : 12 Mar 2019
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