Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural, engineering and planning services
TPD Ref No : 33807025
Document Ref. No. : 272553-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt
Address: Berliner Straße 46-48
Town: Schwedt/Oder
Postal Code: 16303
Contact Point: Technische Leitung

Phone: +49 3332538-142
Fax: +49 3332538-149
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural, engineering and planning services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural, engineering and planning services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71240000,71240000
CPV Description: Architectural, engineering and planning services.
Energetic refurbishment / refurbishment functional rooms
Reference Number: 001/2019
Architectural and specialist planning services TGA, surveying, fire protection and structural design acc. HOAI for the rehabilitation of functional rooms and the energetic renovation of heating and ventilation systems, as well as the facade (Gebehudehuelle).
Main Site: Uckermaerkische B-hnen Schwedt
The Uckermaerkische B-hnen are a supraregional acting music theater with a variety of complementary events. Over the next few years, the theater house will be thoroughly renovated and adapted to the needs of a modern music theater. The house was opened in 1978, built from 1974-1978.
The following measures are planned:
Level 1:
- r3 m,
- Creation of toilet, usable for open air and park cafe,
- Renovation / restructuring of staff canteen,
- Creation of 3 offices,
- Skylights in the cloakrooms,
- renovation of the cloakrooms, toilets, showers.
Level 2:
- Renewal of the supply technology Sanitaer / Elektro (referreden from level 1),
- Rehabilitation in preventive fire protection (based on level 1),
- Curtain wall (passive air conditioning),
- Renovation WC,
- Transport lift Probebuehne 2.
Energetic refurbishment:
- Gebehudehuelle; Window renovation in the foyer Grosses Haus, Seitenbuehne / Dekomagazin,
- Renovation of the heating channel Foyer Large house, insulation, improvement of the air-heat coefficient, renewal dhe heating system,
- heating system: renewal of the supply systems, adaptation of pipe dimensions, more energy-efficient pumps,
- air conditioning: modernization of cooling systems,
- building automation: renewal of building control, modernization of heating control.
Preparation of planning for the construction according to performance pictures according to HOAI , The services are to be awarded as a complete service
Scope of services:
- 34 Leistungsbild Gebaeeude
- 51 Leistungsbild Tragwerksplanung
- 55 Leistungsbild technische Ausruestung
Fire protection services
The commissioning will be carried out step by step for all performance plans Architect or engineer of the Laender is entitled to the professional title architect / Aarchitect or engineer / engineer or is authorized to act in accordance with EU directives, in particular the guidelines for the mutual recognition of diplomas, in the Federal Republic of Germany as architect / engineer or as engineer / engineer.
The applicant must, since the performance phase 4 of the object planning building of the HOAI should be commissioned, after BbgBO bauvorlagebe
The responsible planners must have adequate professional experience - usually at least 5 years.
The following evidence must be submitted with the application:
Annex 1:
Signed request to participate
Appendix 2:
Proof that the obligation to pay Taxes and duties were duly fulfilled (clearance certificate Finanzamt)
Annex 3:
Nachwthat the contributions to the statutory social insurance have been duly paid (Health Insurance Certificate)
Annex 4:
Declaration as to whether insolvency or similar legal proceedings have been requested, opened or rejected for lack of legal costs or if the candidate is in liquidation.
Annex 5:
Proof of appropriate occupationshaft liability insurance cover, minimum requirement is the statement of the insurance company, that in the application case an insurance is completed on the coverage amounts. The professional indemnity insurance must be maintained and proven during the entire contract period.
- the tender documents are available exclusively for download in the Brandenburg publicity marketplaceu Availability,
- Inquiries are to be made via the German market place Brandenburg / Menue communication.
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Deadline : 05 Jul 2019
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