Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Architectural, engineering and planning services
TPD Ref No : 33807269
Document Ref. No. : 272559-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: SBH | Schulbau Hamburg
Address: An der Stadthausbrücke 1
Town: Hamburg
Postal Code: 20355
Contact Point: Einkauf/Vergabe

Fax: +49 40427310143
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Architectural, engineering and planning services

Description: Contract notice: Architectural, engineering and planning services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71240000,71240000
CPV Description: Architectural, engineering and planning services.
Renovation of buildings 1 and 2 of the primary school Reinbeker Redder Objektplanung gem. -- 33 HOAI
Reference Number: SBH VgV VV 058-19 PP
SBH " School construction Hamburg has the task to plan, construct, maintain and manage the school real estate taking into account the school concerns according to economic principles and the approx. 350 Sto rent to the authorities for education and vocational training. The school real estate includes all the land and buildings of public and vocational schools used for educational purposes. The total land area of all general and vocational state schools is about 9.1 million m and the main land area is about 3.1 million m.
Main Site: Hamburg
Die Grundschule aThe Reinbeker Redder site is part of the ReBBZ and declared as a speech therapy school. It is located in the east of Hamburg in the district Bergedorf. The entire site currently comprises 3 buildings on a plot of approx. 14,867 m with sports and green areas.
In addition to the two classrooms to be renovated, the primary school still has a gym.
The two classhouses to be renovatedand freestanding, built 1972-1974.
These are two-storey buildings with a crawlspace. The class house 1 has in the east over a full-cellar area, in which the technical facilities are housed. The gross floor area of the class houses to be renovated is 2,207 m. In the two classrooms are the 10 necessary classrooms (including theDifferentiation areas) of a two-day elementary school incl. The area for a temporary learning group and the 3 rooms and the administration of the school.
The implementation of the renovation should take place during the ongoing school operation. The class houses will be used during school construction. Significantly must therefore also the construction site and Verkehrsfuehrung be taken into account throughout the school. The school management is to be included in the planning process via SBH.
For the implementation of this reorganization measure, a budget of EUR 1 964 320.00 gross (according to DIN 276 cost group 200-700) is planned. The amount is to be understood as a cost cap and will be part of the contract. The start of construction is for May 2020, the construction completionIt is planned to open the summer holidays in 2021.
In the course of the further development of the location further additional and replacement buildings are planned. These are to be advertised later in a stand-alone negotiated procedure. This newly constructed extension at the location Reinbeker Redder is a replacement for the location Leuschner Strasse, where currently the SEK I of ReBBZ ist.
The services to be awarded consist of:
- Phase 2 Object planning acc. -- 33 HOAI,
- Phases 3, as well as 5 to 9 object planning acc. -- 33 HOAI as optional commission by determination of the AG (if applicable, in stages still to be defined by the client), - Special services in all phases of work Project planning acc. -- 33 HOAI as optional commission by determination of AG (if applicable, in stages to be defined by the contracting authority)
Representatives from the institutional context and representatives of the school will, in addition to the selection committee of the awarding body, take part in the contract negotiations in an advisory capacity, if necessary.
The awarding authority is responsible for the operational implementation of this VgV Support and advise D & K drost consult GmbH, Hamburg.
AngApplicants according to -- 122 GWB and - 75 VgV. The following documents and declarations must be submitted electronically with the application:
- completed application form,
- Annex 1A: Proof of registration in the trade or professional register in accordance with the relevant legislation (copy), - Annex 1B: Declaration of Assurance (form ), - Annex 1C: Economic statementlinkages / cooperation (form), - Annex 1D: Statement on Commitment acc. Commitment Act (form)
- Annex 1E: Self-declaration on rate loyalty and the payment of a minimum wage in accordance with the Hamburg Procurement Law (form), Annex 1F: Declaration on a procurement-related training with a focus on VOB parts A / B / C (form, no April at the latest 2016) for one/ n decisive factor in the project Participants,
- Annex 1G: Statement on further education for inclusion in public schools or for barrier-free construction acc. DIN 18040 for a participant in the project,
- Annex 1H: Representation of the representative to a consortium (form),
- Annex 1I: Information on parts of a contractor (form),
- Annex 1J: Declaration uebhe separate insurance for consortia (form),
- Annex 1K: Declaration on the provision of services to subcontractors (form), - Annex 2A: certificate of professional indemnity insurance with the amounts of cover referred to in III.1.2 (copy), for consortia see Point III.1.2, - Annex 3A1: Proof of professional competenceand permission of the professional practice of the person responsible for the execution of the service (copy), - Annex 3A2: Proof of the professional qualification of the intended project management (copy), - Annex 3B: Presentation of 2 comparable reference projects for project planning services acc. -- 33 HOAI (see II.2.9, III.1.3) with reference letter.
For details, see selection form.
The listedEvidence must currently (except for chamber certificates, diploma certificates, training certificate and reference letter) not older than 12 months and still valid. Multiple participations in identical form are not allowed. Applications by e-mail are not allowed. The application deadline is mandatory. The required documents are with consortia for all Wedeach member has to prove his or her suitability for the performance it is to take; the division must be indicated. In the case of applications with subcontractors, the required documents must be submitted to the applicant as well as to all subcontractors.
Foreign applicants may also submit comparable evidence in place of the required proof of eligibility.They are recognized if they have been prepared in accordance with the legislation of the state in which the company is established. Confirmations in languages other than German must be submitted in translation.
The format of the documents must not exceed A3.
Only applications containing a completed application form and the enclosed forms and forms thereinto submit required information and attachments. The application must be signed in writing or by signature. Any signature requirements of other bidders of a group or subcontractors must be signed in the original and submitted as a scanned attachment. In that regard, only scanned for this scanned signatures are allowed. The VergThe place of departure is to request further information. Additional demands in the application and offer phase, which are not received on time, lead to the exclusion of further proceedings.
For details, see procedural notes, these must be observed and binding.
A) Current evidence of professional liability insurance.
For bidder consortia with the application documents a statement of the Bto submit an additional insurance together with all members of the consortium in case of an order. A self-declaration is permissible as proof. The self-declaration must be signed by each member of the consortium. Evidence of insurance from consortia must be provided by each member individually and in full coverageself-declaration on the applicant`s turnover.
If offered in a bidding consortium or with subcontracting, the total annual sum of all Community bidders or subcontractors together must reach the minimum level indicated. In the statement, the turnover figures are each per member of the consortium or subcontracting individuallyIn order to open up the possibility of participating in the negotiation procedure to start-ups as well, - 45 (5) VgV provides for legitimate reasons (eg recent company founding) that the ability to perform is proven by other evidence deemed suitable can (for example, the amount of liable capital, third party liability statements, etc.)The forms and the application form must be completed for the required information.
The publication and the tender documents and the "Questions & Answers" can be found on the Central Publishing Platform at:
Behind the "Link Bieterportal" are in the Bieterportal the tender documents for the tendered here to Download deposited free of charge. There you can also access the electronic allocation. After registration in the bidder portal, please submit your application electronically. Applications and offers may only be submitted electronically.
The direct link to the tender documents published with this notice in point I.3 is, at the time of publication of this BAnnouncement correct. However, if changes occur, they will not be updated. The current tender documents are therefore no longer in the event of an amendment via the link in this section I.3.
The application documents will not be sent by post or e-mail.
You will find the announcement and the "Questions & Answers" during the public participation competitionalso on the homepage of the company SBH " Schulbau Hamburg at:
A "Questions & Answers" will only be sent by e-mail automatically from the electronic allocation, provided that you are registered as bidder / bidder in the bidder portal and as logged in.
To anyone interested who anonymously accessed the sube-mail will not be sent to the "Questions & Answers" section.
Electronic applications will be accepted as signed when signed in text form, by signature or qualified signature, for all other signatures (eg Consortia), scanned signatures are recognized as valid.
The call for anBotsabgabe and the final offer according to. - 17 VgV takes place exclusively through the eVergabe.
Further provisional dates of the competition following the competition:
Sending the invitation to tender in the 31. KW 2019, submitting the fee offers in the 36. KW 2019, negotiation talks in the 37. KW 2019.
The contract to be concluded is subject to the HamburgiTransparency Act (HmbTG). If the legal requirements are met, it will be published in the Information Register in accordance with the provisions of the HmbTG. Regardless of any possible publication, the contract may be the subject of requests for information in accordance with the HmbTG.
With regard to the requirements or required minimum standards, the documents apply to regulatory gaps bcontradictions in the following order:
1) Selection form;
2) Notice;
3) Application form;
4) Invitation to tender
5) Procedural notes.
The procedural instructions provided must be observed and binding.

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Deadline : 08 Jul 2019
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