Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Cargo handling and storage services
TPD Ref No : 31578732
Document Ref. No. : 123302-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG, vertreten durch den Leiter der Niederlassung Brake
Address: Hindenburgstraße 26-30
Town: Oldenburg
Postal Code: 26122
Contact Point: Niederlassung Brake - Frau Cornelia Stahnke

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Cargo handling and storage services

Description: Contract notice: Cargo handling and storage services

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Negotiated procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 63100000,63100000
CPV Description: Cargo handling and storage services.
Vg. Property B01
Reference Number: 30.412-17.24-1
Niedersachsen Ports GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "Niedersachsen Ports") is the largest infrastructure operator of public seaports, island supply harbors and regional harbors on the German North Sea coast.
Main Site: Seaport Brake 26919 Brake
The seaport Brake operated by Niedersachsen Ports is amodern multi-functional special port and is located on the Weser, 26 kilometers above the Muenden funnel. The water depths of the Outer and Lower Weser allow a maximum vessel draft of up to 11.90 m to Brake depending on the tide; an adjustment to 12.80 m is planned. The port facilities of the seaport Brake extend on a length of almost 2 km parallel to the river Weser. hieEfficient handling facilities and storage areas for items to be packed and goods are kept in stock. In addition, another 450 m quay with 2 berths were put into operation to the north (Niedersachsenkai). Here also heavy load goods (especially iron and offshore equipment) can be handled. The seaport Brake becomes by the federal roads 212 and 211 (1 km distance) unThe BAB 27 (5 km distance) is connected to the European transport network.
Niedersachsen Ports is near the Niedersachsenkai a property with a total of about 27 ha as owner on disposal, on which a harbor-affine settlement can and should be realized. So a company is to be settled, whose activity field over the quay in and outgoing Umschlaggueter and / ortheir storage and / or transport and / or associated services. By the settlement on the property B01 envelope over the quay edge is to be generated. The generation of transhipment will be considered positively in any bidder competition. Against the background described above, Niedersachsen Ports is leading this negotiated procedure for aharbor affinities, commercial settlement on the property B01 by means of the conclusion of a lease or heritable building right contract (with obligation to use in accordance with the terms of use for the harbor as well as in the case of a hereditary lease for construction and commissioning). For the sake of simplicity, lease and leasehold agreement are hereinafter collectively referred to as "lease contract"In the following, regardless of the state of the proceedings, they are collectively referred to as "bidders." This also applies to business combinations / consortia.
The following information and formalities are required in order to verify and comply with conditions in the case of consortiaSubmit as early as the application for participation:
(1) Self-declaration by the Bidder or members of the Bidder Group that none of the provisions of Sections 123 and 124 GWB or Art. 38 Par. 1, subsection 5 subpar. 1 of Directive 2014/23 / EU, which excludes participation in the award procedurecould justify them. Insofar as this declaration can not be made, or can only be issued with restrictions, it must be shown which of the categories listed in -- 123, 124 GWB / Art. 38 para. 4 subpar. 1, subsection 5 subpar. 1 of Directive 2014/23 / EU and whether measures for self-cleaning have already been taken. - 125 GWB / Art. 38 (9) of Directive 2014/23 / EU. UnlockIf necessary, Niedersachsen Ports will request pertinent evidence. (2) Self-declaration by the tenderer or members of the consortium confirming that neither his / her company nor majority shareholder or partner, nor a parent company or subsidiary of the group Company on one of the annexes to Regulations (EC) 881/2002 and 2580/2001 as well asthe Annex to Council Common Position 2001/931 / CFSP (as updated by the Council and published in the Official Journal of the European Union) lists of terrorism appear.
(3) self-declaration by the contractor or consortium members that they: these derogate from Regulations (EC) 881/2002 and 2580/2001 and the common position des Council 2001/931 / CFSP prohibition on the provision of funds to the terrorist willingness of suspected persons or organizations (prohibition) is known. He / she is further aware that this u. a. As a consequence, no salary may be paid to an employee who is in receipt of any of the benefits payable in connection with the above-mentioned regulations bbetween the Council`s position on terrorist lists. The tenderer / member of the consortium declares to ensure that the relevant legal obligations are respected.
(4) Self-declaration by the tenderer to demand the above statements also from subcontractors and prior to the conclusion of the contract or at the latest before the approval of Niedersachsen Ports zur U(5) a description of the existing company law and shareholding arrangements of the tenderer or of the consortium members; Alternatively or additionally: Attach group org chart;
Upon special request from Niedersachsen Ports, submit:
Current extract from the commercial register (the extract should be published at the time of theSubmission must not be more than 3 months old).
The following information must be submitted by all consortium members in the case of consortia.
(1) Information on total turnover in the past 3 completed business years, to be provided on request. Eg by extracting from the business reports.
(2) Details of comparable sales in the last 3 yearscompleted business years, on special request if necessary to prove z.
It is made clear that a corresponding turnover is not a minimum requirement.
On a separate request from Niedersachsen Ports, the following must be submitted:
1) Submission of the balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and the situation reports of the tenderer for the last 3 years completedn business years if their publication is required under company law of the country in which the company is established; If no disclosure is required by German law, comparable documents must be provided, at least disclosures concerning total assets, turnover, net income and liabilities for the last 3 completed business years.
2) GeeiProof that the tenderer can raise the cost of production estimated for his project (eg a letter of readiness for a bank to finance or prove sufficient own funds). The proof must be quantified.
3) Submission of a written bank statement on payment history (the information should not be older than 6 months at the time of submission).
1) If the contract notice or the contract documents contain ambiguities, contradictions or, in the opinion of the bidder, these violate applicable law, they must be immediately notified in writing to Niedersachsen Ports.
2) If questions do not concern bidder-specific issues, they will be sent to all other parties at this time anonymous and already known to biddersammen with the answer from Niedersachsen Ports provided. Bidders, by filing their respective question, authorize them to be forwarded to the other bidders in the letter sent to them, as far as possible with regard to the required anonymity. 3) Anonymized bidder questions and updates of the tender documents will be issued during the competitionNiedersachsen Ports will, at its reasonable discretion, request tenderers to supplement incomplete or supplementary requests for participation, or to provide missing explanations or proof, as appropriate.
5) For participation in the award procedure will be canceledNiedersachsen Ports and its supervisory bodies will determine the appropriateness of the results of the negotiations on the real estate contract, inter alia, on the basis of the information requested in the information memorandum or, if appropriate, of the further evaluation criteria communicated in the course of the negotiations. Tenderers are not entitled to conclude a Gru7) The tender documents provided and all the information received by tenderers in the course of the award procedure must be treated confidentially. Disclosure to third parties, with the exception of consultants engaged by the bidders, is not permitted. The bidder also has the consultants engaged by him to observe the confidentiality requirement, egu commit. Tenderers must guarantee that they will not discuss their applications or offers with competitors or otherwise violate the confidentiality requirement. Violations can be seen as a form of anticompetitive behavior and lead to exclusion from further proceedings. Niedersachen Ports points out that the tender documents a Vertrapenalties in the event of the existence of an agreement which constitutes an unlawful restriction on competition.
8) By participating in this procedure, the contractors agree that the documents and data transmitted by them in the course of the contract award procedure (including any personal data) of Lower SaxonyPorts for the purpose of carrying out the procurement procedure and following this for the purpose of order execution or fulfillment of the Niedersachsen Ports incumbent documentation obligations are stored. The bidders must guarantee that only such data are sent to Niedersachsen Ports, for which they are entitled to receive data protection.
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