Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Construction project management services
TPD Ref No : 31578723
Document Ref. No. : 123290-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: DB Station & Service AG (Bukr 11)
Address: Europaplatz 1
Town: Berlin
Postal Code: 10557
Contact Point: Schaefer, Christian

Phone: +49 6926545520
Fax: +49 6926545635
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Construction project management services

Description: Contract notice: Construction project management services

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Negotiated procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71541000,71541000,71541000
CPV Description: Construction project management services.
Bf Treysa and Bf Wabern, modernization and restructuring, project management
Reference Number: 19FEI37722
Project management for the modernization and restructuring of the Treysa (lot 1) and Wabern (lot 2) stations Project management for the renovation and modernization Bf Treysa. These fall in particulare the marked benefits from the service description and their main responsibilities and responsibilities in the project.
Generally speaking, the contractor coordinates all necessary services in a comprehensive and comprehensive manner. When executing the project, account must be taken of any dependencies on all projects in progress or in the pipeline.
1) Declaration that no insolvency proceedings or
2) Declaration that the company is liable for exclusion in the sense of -- 123 f. GWB or eligibility criteria within the meaning of - 122 GWB did not deceive and did not retain any information and that the company was always in a position to convey the required evidence in relation to -- 122 to 124 GWB;
3) Declarations of compliancestatutory obligations, in particular the obligation to pay taxes and levies and to pay contributions to the statutory social insurance (pension, health, care, accident and unemployment insurance), as well B. gem. in section 21 of the Posted Workers Act (AentG), section 98c of the Residence Act, section 19 of the Minimum Wage Act or section 21 of the Schwarzarbeitsbekaempfungsgesetz1) Declaration on offenses that question the reliability as a tenderer (- 124 (1) No. 3 GWB).
1) Since 19.4.2017, only the submission of tenders Applications for admission via the allocation portal of the Deutsche Bahn AG are permissible.
All required explanations / proofs must be presented, a reference to earlier onesApplications will not be accepted.
List by o. G. and u.g. Sequence in a system (a pdf file) summarized briefly and precisely. Only this information will be considered for bidder selection. Further documents are not required.
All declarations / proof required under III.1.1 to III.1.3 and VI.3 must be submitted with the application to participate. Please versMake sure to keep it short and summarize the explanations for III1.1, 1.2 and VI. to a maximum of 10 pages together (self-explanations).
Questions on the tender documents or the award procedure must be submitted in good time so that the client, taking into account internal voting processes, can reply no later than three days before expiry of the deadline for submission of tenderssubmission of the application for participation is possible. The client reserves the right not to answer questions that have not been answered in good time or within less than three days before the deadline for submission of tenders or the submission of applications to participate.
2) Explain whether and to what extent we agree with the one below other companies commissioned by the AG for this project(in terms of corporate law within the meaning of - 18 AktG / kinship) or economically dependent. For consortia, this obligation applies to each individual member of the Community.
- Sweco GmbH,
- Ingenieurbuero Tiedt GmbH,
- Hasselmann GmbH,
- EQOS Energie GmbH,
- Pond Security Railway Service GmbH,
- Goetz Railway Service North.
3 ) Declare that the candidate / tenderer has received theDB Code of Conduct for Business Partners ( _downloads) or the BME Code of Conduct (https: //www.bme. DE / fileadmin / _ horusdam / 2065- BME- Code_ of_ Conduct_ deutsch. pdf) or its own code of conduct, which essentially sets forth comparable principles binding on it;
4) Declaration on Antitrust C5) Declaration that he is not blocked by the Deutsche Bahn AG for misconduct and is excluded from the competition,
6) statement on the employment of employees of DB Group (active and no longer active as pensioners and retirees) and on economic or financial participation in the enterprise of the tenderer of persons who7) "Declaration that at no time did the company attempt to award a contract by Deutsche Bahn AG or a company affiliated with it in accordance with -- 15 ff. AktG (a), the To influence decision-making in an inappropriate way;
b) has attempted to obtain confidential informationwhich could give it undue advantages in the award procedure or `c) has sent misleading information that could or did influence the award decision`
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Deadline : 11 Apr 2019
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