Country : Bulgaria
Summary : Contract notice: Electrical equipment and apparatus
TPD Ref No : 30874254
Document Ref. No. : 082152-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Purchaser : ??????????????? ???????? ???????? ???
Office Name: ??????????????? ???????? ???????? ???
Address: ???. ??? ????? III ? 201
Town: Sofia
Postal Code: 1618
Contact Point: ??????? ????????? ?? ?????????? ???????, ????? ??????? ?? ?????????? ???????

Phone: +359 29696853/ +359 29691322
Fax: +359 2962189
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Electrical equipment and apparatus

Description: Contract notice: Electrical equipment and apparatus

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Supplies
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 31600000,31600000,31600000
CPV Description: Supply of Polymeric and Interphase Isolators for High Voltage Air Lines
Reference Number: ЦУ / 2019/006
The subject of this order is the supply of polymeric and interfacial isolators (spacers) according to the technical specifications and is with a contract term of 36 (thirty-six) months. The polymer isolators will be mounted on an electricalconductors with 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV voltage. The supplied isolators will be used for both the carriage and the tensioning of the wires.
Main Site: Warehouses of the Assignor: Sofia, 3, "Podporuchik Yordan Todorov" Str., Pleven, 28 Strostroy Str. ; Varna, Vazrazhdane 1, north, Plovdiv, southern india zone, 17, Kuklensko Shose Blvd. Polymer isolators will beare installed on power lines with a voltage of 110 kV. Supplied insulators will be used for both worn and tightened wires.
The spacers will be used to reduce the 110 kV out-of-line wiring effects of the "wires" of the wires and will be installed in the interlayer between phase wires (horizontally or at an angle)of the supplied insulators and spacers for the duration of the contract is 3 000.
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Deadline : 25 Mar 2019
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