Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
TPD Ref No : 30608010
Document Ref. No. : 067612-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Land Sachsen-Anhalt vertreten durch das Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg A. ö. R.
Address: Leipziger Straße 44
Town: Magdeburg
Postal Code: 39120

Phone: +49 3443-284390
Fax: +49 3443-284399
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings

Description: Contract notice: Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71321000,71321000
CPV Description: Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings.
New Building Clinical Equipment Technical Equipment AG 4-5
Reference Number: 011/17 / 99-7308
The subject of this invitation to tender are planning services in the performance areas - 55 HOAI Facility Groups 4 and 5 for the new building of a Clinical Auditorium.
Main Site: Land Sachsen-Anhalt
The construction site for the new building of the Hoersaales with 300 places lies on the grounds of the UK Magdeburg A. oe. R., west of the house 8. The favored piece of land is not developed and covers approx. 1 083 m. It is encompassed by access roads or paths. Because of the possibility demanded by the Medical Faculty to present patients during the lecture, a connection between the HoersaThe construction of the Hoersaal will be largely realized in a project that has already been implemented on the premises of the Otto-von-Guericke University in 2014. The existing design must be supplemented by a bed access. In addition, willAdjustments to local conditions and extended functionality are required. In the new building is the only use a listening room for a maximum of 300 people as well as all necessary for a perfect H-rsaalbetrieb functions including foyer (technical rooms, preparation rooms, control room and sanitary facilities) housed. Areas for the supply and disposal of the building wGrounds are shown in secondary rooms. The functioning of the building is designed so that it is possible to operate independently of other facilities of the Medical Faculty and the University Hospital.
The function of the auditorium is the ascending construction of the floor in this room. The result is a 10 m high building, which is in the area of the Hoersaales single storeyand partially formed in neighboring areas two storeys. Partially the building is built up to a depth of approx. 3 m below the surface of the grounds. In the basement are technical and Lagerflaechen. With the construction of a new hall building on the campus of the UKMD, it is important to realize a future-oriented interactive concept in terms of data communication and media technologyIen, who is in charge of the technical and medical equipment of the next few years and who represents the requirements for a modern teaching and event organization.
No medical use according to DIN VDE 0100T710 is planned for the building, nevertheless the prerequisites for these are to be created in some areas of the building , The safety power supply is over das the SV network of the UKMD provided (connection point building 8). The electrotechnical supply and the emergency power supply are provided by the low voltage grid of the UKMD. The following systems are to be planned: own power supply / low-voltage switchgear / sub-distribution boards / installation systems / installation devices / equipotential bonding / outdoor installation / lighting systems / lightning protection and earthing systems/ Telecommunications and data technology.
Overall, the project has a total investment cost of approx. EUR 1.50 million gross (KG 400 DIN 276). Of this amount, approx. € 0.448 million gross is attributable to the cost groups 440 and 450 of the DIN 276. This budget frame is the upper cost limit on which the planning services are to be commissioned (- 55 HOAI) for benThe documents for the HU-Bau are to be handed over to the AG on 30.08.2019 for examination. The in II.2.7. specified term refers to this date. Start of use for the project is scheduled for February 2021.
The contracting authority / client expects that in the case of an assignment, the offered project team to ensure the schedulingimmediately and fully available. If necessary, an increase of the team strength is to secure / to make sure the deadline compliance.
See supplementary binding contents to the notice text under:
See supplementary binding contents to the announcement text under:
For reasons the easier readability was announcedtext does not mention gender-specific differentiation. In the sense of equal treatment, these terms are valid for all genders.
Questions during the application phase are to be sent in written form to the contact points listed in I.3) (via e-mail via the eVergabeportal).
Deadline for the acceptance of questionsis the 1.3.2019 12.00 clock. Incoming questions and their answers are collected and made available anonymously via the eVergabeportal LSA ( as a download offer on 18.02., 25.02. and 4.3.2019.
The deadline for the acceptance / receipt of the application documents is 11.3.2019. 13.00 clock. The participation applications are to die contact point (see I.1) exclusively via the eVergabeportal LSA ( as an electronic text document to send.
Submitted application documents will not be returned. Costs for the preparation of participation application documents will not be reimbursed.
The negotiation talks are expected to take place on 14.5.2019. An assignment ist planned for the 23rd KW 2019. All invited bidders must compulsorily make an on-site visit prior to the negotiation talks (prerequisite for participation in the negotiation meeting). This is expected to take place on April 15, 2019.
The possibility of requesting further and subsequent statements and proofs or other requiredhe documents within the meaning of - 56 (2) VgV are expressly excluded by the awarding authority for this procedure.
Part of the binding procurement / procurement documents of the participation application phase are:
- publication,
- 02 supplementary binding content to the announcement text,
- 03 application form,
- 04 draft contract and reward points,
- 05 draft contract.

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Deadline : 11 Mar 2019
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