Country : France
Summary : Contract notice: Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work
TPD Ref No : 30608053
Document Ref. No. : 068243-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Grand port maritime de Dunkerque
Address: Port 2505 — 2505 route de l`Écluse Trystram, département Achats-Marchés — Porte 335, BP 46 534
Town: Dunkirk
Postal Code: 59386
Contact Point: M. Stéphane Gavaud (Renseignements administratifs)

Phone: +33 328287500
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work

Description: Contract notice: Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Works
Procedure: Negotiated procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 45340000,45340000,45340000
CPV Description: Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work.
Installation and maintenance work (preventive, curative and meliorative) on the portals of the port of Dunkerque
Reference Number: 18EOO020
Installation and maintenance work (preventive, curative and meliorative) on the portals Dunkirk Port
Main Site: Dunkirk Grand Dock Harbor Area
Installation and maintenance work (preventive,curative and meliorative) on the portals of the port of Dunkerque.
Each candidate or each member of the team candidate must produce the following documents written in French language or be accompanied by a translation into French:
- letter of application (prints DC1 or equivalent) containing all the indications enabling the candidate or all the members of the group to be identifiedin case of group response. The letter of application shall be signed by the representative of the candidate, and in case of grouping, either by each member of the group or by the sole agent of the grouping if it produces the signed authorizations of each of the other co-contractors,
- declaration on the honor certifying that the candidate is not subject to one of the prohibitions of submissionas defined in Articles 45 and 48 of the Order of 23.7.2015 and that it is in compliance with Articles L. 5212-1 to L. 5212-11 of the Labor Code concerning the employment of disabled workers , - the candidate in receivership will have to produce copy of the judgment (s) pronounced for this purpose - valid electronic address, to which the Great maritime port of Dunkirk forsend the DCE to the applicant and, if the consultation is modified, to send him the updated elements.
- statement concerning the overall turnover of the candidate and, where applicable, the turnover of the area of activity making the subject of the framework agreement, covering at most the last 3 years available according to the date of creation of the company ou the beginning of the economic operator`s activity, to the extent that information on these turnover figures is available,
- the current professional liability insurance certificate.
This is a call for applications. Applications will be entirely written in French and expressed in Euro. If the pieces of the application are drafted in an autThey must be accompanied by a translation into French, this translation must concern all the documents submitted in the application. the GPMD requires the transmission of documents electronically to the following address: No other mode of transmission is authorized. The fold can be duplicated by a transmitted backup copyise within the time limits, on electronic physical support or on paper. This copy is sent under sealed envelope and must include the mention as well as the name of the candidate and the identification of the procedure concerned. The electronic signature of documents is not required for this consultation. the awarding of the framework agreement and each subsequentt may be negotiated under the conditions set out in the consultation rules (offer phase), the GPMD reserving the possibility of awarding the framework agreement on the basis of the initial offers without negotiation. The holder must respect the rules of the institution. In addition, the works will be subject to the provisions of Decree No. 92-158 of 20.2.1992 laying downdescriptions of hygiene and safety applicable to work carried out in the establishment by an external company. However, it is possible that some work to be carried out within the framework of a closed and independent site with risk this coactivity. In this case, the work will be subject to coordination in matters of safety and health protection according to the rules of Decree No. 94-1159of 26.12.1994. Each subsequent step will then specify the security and health protection coordination mission, the name of the SPS coordinator and the level of coordination. The GPMD reserves the right to derogate from the principle of exclusive contracting with the holder of the framework agreement under the conditions set out in the framework agreement. Subsequent steps fortake a variety of forms that will be defined when they are established (subsequent market, subsequent transaction in the form of a Master Purchase Order Agreement, or a subsequent simplified follow-up in the parts of the Framework Agreement) . Each subsequent market may be subject to a variation under the conditions defined in the framework agreement.

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Deadline : 27 Feb 2019
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