Country : Hungary
Summary : Contract notice: Forage
TPD Ref No : 30602969
Document Ref. No. : 066361-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Kaposvári Egyetem
Address: Guba Sándor utca 40.
Town: Kaposvár
Postal Code: 7400
Contact Point: Dr. Prof. Tossenberger János

Phone: +36 82505800
Fax: +36 82505896
Tender Details : Object of the contract

Description: Contract notice: Forage

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Supplies
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 03114200,03114200,03114200
CPV Description: Forage.
Purchase of Takarmany from the Department of Kaposvar University
Reference Number: EKR000090782019
Purchase of Takarmany by a Framework Contractor at the Kaposvar University in the framework of GINOP-2.3.4-15-2016-00005 and GINOP-2.2.1-15-2016-00021 projects
Main Site: 7400 Kaposvar, Guba Sandor utca 40.
Purchaser of Takarmany with frame contractor at the University of Kaposvar at GINOP-2.3.4-15-2016-00005 and within the framework of GINOP-2.2.1-15-2016-00021 projects. Free-range poultry feeds:
Free-range poultry indito feed mixes: 21.9 tonnes
Free-range poultry feed mixes: 68.36 tons
Free-range poultry feed mixes: 96.6 tons
Free-range poultry toastfeed mixes: 8.84 tons of free-range poultry donkey: 88 tons
2. Intensification:
Jerce indito I. Feed mixes: 1.8 tons
Jerce indito II. Mixed feeds: 6 tons
Jerce feed mixes: 15 tons
Tojo premix feed mixes: 7.2 tons
Tjotap feed mixes: 359.1 tons
3. Model Feed Feed Rabbit Finish Fodder Mix: 5.6 Ton
4. Dairy coversmanykeverek:
Milk I. (Bulky) mixes: 152 tons
5. Borju feedstocks:
Borju indito takarmanykevermi: 50 tons
6. Barany feed mixes:
Barany indito mix: 23 tons
7. Rabbit feed mixes:
Baknyul feed mixes: 8 tons
Mother`s (breastfeeding) feed mixes: 36 tons
Valasto feed mixes: 58 tons
Finishing feed mixes: 58 tons
8. Extrudalt fishing:
Lapeeling tap: 0.03 tons
Pickling pellets: 0.1 tons
Extruded pine needles: 0.2 tons
Extrudalt fish (2mm): 1.2 tons
Extrudalt fish (5mm): 1 ton
9. Swine Fodder Swine:
Noevendek swine mixing: 30 tons
Hizo pig mixing: 50 tons
10. Raw material:
Fish meal: 2 tons
Soybean concentrate: 1 ton
Buzadara: 3 tons
Poultry husband: 1 tonna
Hydrolysed feather flour: 1 ton
Fish oil: 200 liters
Rapeseed oil: 100 liters
Vitamin permix (fish): 5 kg
Asparagus permix (fish): 5 kg
Corn: 54 tons
Buza: 15 tons
Arpa : 15 tons
Extrahalt soybean meal: 26 tons
Noevenyi oil: 3 tons
MCP: 1.3 tons
Takarmany lime: 1.3 tons
Takarmany so: 0.6 tons
Lysin-HCL: 0.55 tons
DI- Methion: 0.25 Ton
L-Treon: 0.25 Ton
L-Triptofan: 0.1 Ton
Baromfi permix 0.5%: 0.15 tons
Sertes permix 0.5%: 0.5 tons
of the GINOP-2.2.1-15-2016-00021 project:
1. Swine Fodder Swine:
Noevendek swine mixing: 90 tons
Hizo swine mixing: 90 tons
2. Raw materials:
Corn: 27 tonnes
Buza: 9 tons
Arpa: 9 tons
Extrahalt soya: 12 tons
Noevenyi oil: 0.6 tons
MCP: 0.6 tons
Takarmany lime: 0.6 tons
Takarmany so: 0.3 tons
Lysin-HCL: 0.3 tons
DI-Methion: 0.12 tons
L-Treon: 0.12 tons
L-Triptofan: 0.06 tons
Sertes permix 0.5% : 0.3 tons
Regular allo weight: oesszes net 145 145 893 a farmer with whom Kbt. Article 62 (1) - (2) excludes any of the grounds for exclusion. Section 74 para. (1) excludes the subscriber, sub-subcontractor or organization that retains the appropriate reader, who belongs to the power field of the excommunication reasons, or who has taken part in the expulsion. 67. - (1) of this Article, the update shall not include any statement of reasons for the expulsion of a single european co-procurement document. Kbt. Article 69 para. (4), based on the results of the pre-concession, to be considered the most favorable to the listener in the light of conscientious aspectsthe appropriate six-time fire warms up the impression of the truths made on the exclusions. It is not only the most favorable, but also the most promising timeline of the realm, which brings the definite chameleon, which brings it to the consecrated order, before the advent of eljarast lezaro doentes.according to the subordinates, it has to be proved that there is no reason to exclude them from the foregoing: t (X. 30.) Government Decree (hereinafter referred to as "Kr.") Shall be certified in accordance with Section 8. Non-Hungarian journalists established on the basis of Section 10 of the Cr. exclusions ok hiMother`s Letters on Line 12-16 Are in accordance with the provisions of --. The Kbt. Section 67 para. (4) of the Act, the subscriber must declare that the Kbt does not take great care of the author`s performance. The power of expulsion under Section 62 of the Act is undercut. On the basis of Section 15 (1) of the Cr.only the unified european co-production document can be inserted into the expedition for any reason. The timeliness - until the contrary is proved - is the actual content of the datathat is what he says about this. / Cr. Section 1 (7) / Article Kbt. Article 67 (1). based on the provisions in the AT schedule, it is appropriate to introduce the statement contained in the single European Co-Procurement Document in the appropriate co-operation. Foreword to Form IV. reszeben accepts the simple statement of the affiliated farmerThe reader of the introduction of the certificates must certify the appropriate Kbt according to the subordinates as appropriate. Article 69 (4) and (6).
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Kbt. Section 65 (8). its bodythe data of which AT is the owner. and penzuegyi al. to use the real money, the Ptk. 6: 419th According to - -, the Response Force is responsible for the refusal or failure of the refill or fault performance. 321/2015. (X. 30.) Kr. 19 (1). (a) the timer must have access to all the penzuegyz insidersl, a number of samsam samlasasam, the penzinteat subspecies alaired alaire, a paragraph 1 (7) of the Declaration, which contains - attentively, when the AT when drinking, or. when it started to work when these data are available:
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1) In the case of a newsletter, the trader must attach the variation entry bracket to the firm, and the vertebrate with the corpse. too. If this is not the case, the arrol statement must be attached in the form of the EDF form.
2) Kbt. On the basis of Article 47 (2), a document - if it is not provided for by law - may also be introduced in a simple manner. In the newsletter, the Hungarian translation of the non-Hungarian document must be attached, Aj.kerő Adopted by the responsible translator of the alias.
3) Formal requirements: The report must be cross-checked electronically, on the EKR system ( can be pushed in! In the EDF - ee-forms - embedded in an electronic form (embedded) simply embedded electronic mail documents, retrieve circulars in a scanned .pdf file format! need:
- Kbt. Article 66 (2). statement in EDF form
- Kb. Article 66 (5). base read in form of EKR form
- Kbt. Article 66 (6). (a) and (b) (Inclusion of a negative content statement!) Article 71 (6).
7) In Section III.1.2) P.1.-P.2. es III.1.3) M.1.-M.2. the appropriate terms and conditions and the modalities of these are the official notes of the qualified issuers.unpublished proposition for fitting qualifying criteria for finishing scales.
8) Ertekeles; points: The upper and lower limit of the scoring point of the elements of the content according to the aspect points of the reports: 0-10 points
1. a golden gold-plated, 2-pendent shrinkage of gold. Yes. Article 76 (10). based on a variety of tools in the boxz.
9) The operator (the organization holding the capacity of the organization that issues the capacity in case of the case with the recipient organization) has to certify in advance in advance with the unified european co-procurement document that the Kbt does not belong. Article 62 (1) - (2). it is also a power sector, and it is also suitable for the wise. In addition to this, the 424/2017 (XII.19.) Korm.r. Section 13 (4). serineYou are authorized by the author. (X. 30.) Government Decree Article 2 (5).
10) Aj.kerő excludes the project leader from the contractor`s forests.
11) Kbt does not apply Kbt. 75 (2) (e) of this Actwheel to apply Kbt. Section 81 (5)
13) Reason for exclusion: The traceability, warranty, quality assurance of the manufactured products, or in the case of such products, the highest guarantee in the responsible body of the responsible company is the guarantee in case of a factory in Keszu. In addition, in the case of a feeder of the raw material, the maximum guarantee is given if an invoicebrings the full spectrum. Given the fact that these products are being researched by the researcher, this is the primary consideration when determining the exact place of origin of the raw material and its laboratory-level quality control. The feed user is basically servicing a dentist so that the feed in the feed is not allowed.Res. Peter Palotai, Registration: 01026, Deputy: dr. Pecsy Maria, Registration: 01014

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Deadline : 14 Mar 2019
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