Country : Poland
Summary : Contract notice: Life belts
TPD Ref No : 31811553
Document Ref. No. : 138524-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: 3 Regionalna Baza Logistyczna
Address: ul. Montelupich 3
Town: Krakow
Postal Code: 30-901
Contact Point: Iwona Matuszy?ska

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Life belts

Description: Contract notice: Life belts

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Supplies
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 39525700,39525700,39525700
CPV Description: Life belts.
Delivery of spare parts and accessories for life jackets and evacuation devices.
Reference Number: 60/2019 / II
The subject of the order is the supply of spare parts and equipment for life jackets and evacuation devices in the scope of 5 tasks.
Main Site: 3 Regional Logistics Base, Regional Technical Workshop Żurawica, ul. Wojska Polskiego 24, 37-710 Żurawica, POLSKA
The subject of the order is delivery of spare parts for the HEED3 evacuation device, including: outer rings, inner rings, rubber buttons, diaphragms, additive valve kits, cylinder vertical pressure gauges, cylinder pressure gauges, mouthpiece kits, cylinder valve plugs , exhaust pads, camera mouthguards, camera covers, power packages
Contractors who are able to properly execute the order and meet the conditions of participation in the proceedings regarding the economic or financial situation may apply for the order. They are in particular in an economic and financial situation ensuring the implementation of the order, which means that the orderer understands the possession of security in financial terms, not meMore than: Task No. 1 125 000.00 PLN Task No. 2 40,000.00 PLN Task No. 3 PLN 25 000.00 Task No. 4 PLN 10,000.00 Task No. 5 PLN 25,000.00 In the case of submitting bids for more than one task the amount of the financial security held can not be less than the sum of amounts corresponding to the individual tasks for which the contractor offers (e.g.when the contractor offers the implementation of the order for task No. 1, he must then prove that he has a financial security not less than PLN 165,000.00.)
Each Contractor joining the tender is obliged to submit a deposit before the deadline for submission of tenders, ie until 18.3 .2019, at 9:00 in the amount of Task No. 1 PLN 4,000.00 Task No. 2 PLN 1,400.00 ZadanNo PLN 3 850.00 PLN Task No. 4 PLN 350.00 Task No. 5 800.00 PLN The bid bond can be paid in one or several of the following forms: a) in cash; b) bank guarantees or social-savings credit sureties, however the surety is always a cash guarantee; c) bank guarantees; d) insurance guarantees; e) sureties granted byentities referred to in art. 6b par. 5 point 2 of the Act of 9.11.2000 on the establishment of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1804 and of 2015, item 978 and 1240). The deadline for payment of the deposit is 29/04/2019 at 9: 00

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Deadline : 29 Apr 2019
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