Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
TPD Ref No : 33806838
Document Ref. No. : 272503-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Purchaser : DATAPORT AR
Office Name: Dataport AR
Address: Altenholzer Strae 10-14
Town: Altenholz
Postal Code: 24161

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment

Description: Contract notice: Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 50330000,50330000
CPV Description: Maintenance Services of telecommunications equipment.
Service Network Components
Reference Number: DP-2019000020
Dataport is performing network acquisition, network operations, and network maintenance tasks to a varying degree among the carrier countries.

different perimeter network procurement, network operations and Nnetwork maintenance tasks.
This call for tender includes maintenance services for Cisco network components. The services are provided for all locations of Dataport and the Hamburg police. Procurement of new products is not part of the tender process.
The current level of service for the Cisco components is based on the service levelzeichnis. There is also described how the extent of performance during the period of validity of the contract by procuring new components and by the dismantling of old systems during the contract period, or in existing components by expiration of the warranty and transfer of the components in this contract , will change continuously.
Proof of expertise: als expert is to be regarded only as the tenderer having the necessary authorization and authorization to carry out the contract in a proper manner (self-declaration of the undertaking description).
the tenderer must have the necessary economic and financial capacity to carry out the contract:
Total sales including sales in dBusiness activity of the last 3 completed business years,
- Public liability insurance with details of the total sums insured, amount of cover for personal injury, amount of cover for property damage and indication of how often these sums of coverage are available each year.
The awarding authority draws up the tender documents on its portal page (https: // / evergabe.bieter / EVA /The tender documents will then be provided in the bidder assistant. Only in this way is the preparation, processing and submission of a proposal / offer possible and ensured that the contracting authority may be able to provide further information or instructions regarding the award procedure in due time.
If a bidder recognizes errors / ambiguities / contradictions or ae. in the participation documents / tender documents, eHe is obliged to point this out in the form of questions of a bidder in the questions and answers forum. If he does not do so despite his or her knowledge or recognition, the resulting disadvantages will be borne by him.
Bidders` questions are part of a question and answer forum up to the deadline in the News section of the bidder assistantThe awarding authority asks each question to be preceded by a reference stating which part of the contract documents the question relates to (eg Part B - Specifications) the replies will be sent in an anonymised form to all participating bidders, unsolicited, as specified in the project informationn Appointment, questions and answers to all bidders` via the News section. In the context of the anonymization, the contracting authority reserves itself umformulierungen in the question. By way of derogation, the contracting authority shall inform only the tendering bidder if the information is not relevant for the other bidders or if it does not comply with Vebreach of the confidentiality of the requesting tenderer. Similarly, if the nature and content of the question requires an immediate answer, the contracting authority will, in some cases, send it out before that date. For questions that do not constitute additional information within the meaning of Section 20 (3) no. 1 VgV, the contracting authority will check in each individual case whether it is Antsent words. The Tenderer will answer the questionnaire after the Q & A has been completed, as far as is possible and appropriate, taking into account the content and complexity of the question and the timetable
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Deadline : 09 Jul 2019
Documents : Download