Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Public transport services by railways
TPD Ref No : 33807290
Document Ref. No. : 272568-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Ministerium für Verkehr Baden-Württemberg
Address: Dorotheenstraße 8
Town: Stuttgart
Postal Code: 70173

Phone: +49 7112315731
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Public transport services by railways

Description: Contract notice: Public transport services by railways

Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 60210000,34620000,60210000,34620000
CPV Description: Public transport services by railways.
Rolling stock.
Local rail transport services (SPNV) Network 18 Ermstal- and Ammertalbahn
Transport services in local rail passenger transport (SPNV) 18 and the procurement of the necessary new vehicles. The scope of e-traction is expected to be around 1.5 million trains in commissioning level 1 (start-up level 1)kilometers per year. The commissioning is scheduled for December 2022. The contract period (gross contract) is expected to be 12 years.
Main Site: See II.2.4.
The scope of services for the IBN Stage 1 on the routes Herrenberg Entringen Pfaeffingen Tuebingen Hbf Reutlingen Main Station Metzingen (Wuertt) Bad Urach expected around 1, 5 million train kilometers per yearahr. This start-up level 1 has a minimum term of 4 years (December 2022 to December 2026).
For the start-up level 2 the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg has the right to vote:
a) Should the construction work of the light rail in the cities take place in December 2026 Reutlingen and / or Tuebingen be successfully completed or at least appropriate two-system vehicles be available with which the benefitsthe IBN level 1, the country can relocate the vehicles of the IBN level 1 and the associated personnel, sales, etc. on the route Tuebingen Albstadt-Ebingen. In this case, the RU will provide rail passenger transport services on the Tuebingen Albstadt-Ebingen line from December 2026 onwards. The scope of services on the route Tuebingen Albstadt-Ebingen verlagThe estimated traffic volume is expected to be around 1.3 million train-kilometers per year. If this option is chosen, the Zweckverband ZOeA will be excluded from the circle of contracting authorities for this network.
B) If, however, the aforementioned construction measures have not been successfully completed in December 2026 or the aforementioned vehicles are not yet available, the vehicles Personal, the distribution, etc. on the routes of the IBN level 1 and continue to provide there the previous transport services.
c) Should after December 2026 and before expiry of the contract, the light rail lines in Reutlingen and / or Tuebingen successfully completed or the aforementioned vehicles be available, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg as a task carrier even after deIn December 2026 order a shift of the vehicles on the section Tuebingen Albstadt-Ebingen
The country Baden-Wuerttemberg offers various financing models. For all models, the contracting parties conclude the transport contract with the winning bidder.
Model 1: According to the "classic model", the tenderer procures and operates the necessary vehicles on his own.
MModel 2 (Baden-Wuerttemberg model): The tenderer acquires the required vehicles from one manufacturer and forwards them to the rail vehicles Baden-Wuerttemberg AoeR (SFBW). The SFBW leases the vehicles back to the bidder. To finance the vehicle purchase price, the SFBW concludes a loan agreement with a bank. In addition to the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg occurs in this modell the SFBW as client. The tender documents for the negotiated procedure contain detailed information on the optional vehicle support offered. More detailed information will be made available for the competition in a participation brochure at the website mentioned under I.3).
The application form should provide the candidates with the following documents(in the case of candidate communities of each member):
Informal, signed self-declaration, stating that: - there are no grounds for exclusion within the meaning of -- 123, 124 GWB or successful self-cleaning measures within the meaning of - 125 GWB have been carried out,
- there is no misconduct within the meaning of - 5 of the Corruption Law (KorruptionsbG) NRW,
- no severe odhe / she is subject to repeated violations of regulations issued in the interests of traffic and operational safety; - there are no serious or repeated violations of the provisions of the General Railway Act (AEG) or comparable railway legislation of the manufacturer`s country of origin or of the statutory ordinances based on these laws from BewerBergemeinschaften is possible until the application for participation is submitted. The submission of tenders by consortia is only permissible under joint and several liability with the authorized representative. The application to participate must be signed legally binding by all companies participating in the bidding community. Missing the signature of a member,so there is no legally binding application for participation of the applicant community. However, if a member enters into sole control of a party on the basis of a legal partnership agreement at the time the application for participation is opened, the signature of that member shall suffice. The sole owner is to be proved in this case.
In the aptitude test, the proofCommunity as a whole. Applicant communities must appoint a single contact person.
If several companies cooperate with each other in the context of the award (eg through a joint subsidiary or within the framework of a bidding consortium), it must be stated that the bidding community as a whole, as well as the membership of each company in the BeIn particular, no admissible anticompetitive agreement has been reached.
For each member of the applicant community, it must be justified to what extent his decision to participate in the applicant community is a decision within the scope of appropriate and commercially reasonable action, e. because the respective member at the time of Bildunthe consortium, or at any rate at this time, does not have the necessary capacity to carry out the contract, or for other reasons, the cooperation of the consortium enables the respective member to make a promising offer and at the same time as part of a BeIn the competition, the case law assumes that there is a violation of the secret competition and a prohibition of competition that is prohibited by public procurement law. This also applies in the event that an applicant participates in several applicant communities at the same time. If the applicant is praying for multiple applicationshe or she must refute the breach of the secret competition and a prohibition on competition by submitting suitable and comprehensible proof. For example, self-explanations to Chinese Walls are sufficient. The contracting authorities will be submitted on the basis of those submitted by the candidate himself or in the applicant communityIf the applicant or his own applicant community fails to refute the presumption by presenting the supporting documents, the applicant will be excluded from the competition.
With the application form, applicants should submit the following statements and evidence ( at applicant communities of each membered):
- Informal, signed self-declaration that he is financially and economically able to provide the services required,
- Business report, which also shows the ownership and company relations of the respective tenderer.
If a candidate does not have his own business report created, is the template of the annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account uand, if applicable, the management report) and a statement on the current ownership and company relations.
These documents must be submitted for the years 2016 and 2017.
If an applicant is a project company to be established specifically for the transport services, the documents must be submitted to the shareholders of the project companyIn order to prove the economic and financial capacity, notwithstanding point IV.2.4), applicants may submit their annual report in English, provided the original version is in English. In this case, translations of the following documents into the German language are to be enclosed by the applicant:
1) report by an independent final examiner;
2) (consolidated) profit and loss account.
Applicants who rely on other companies to prove their suitability must prove to the clients, in accordance with - 47 (1) of the VgV, that they have the necessary funds to complete the order by, for example, submitting corresponding undertakings to these undertakings.
The same applies to onecompletely new company to be founded. Newly created companies have supplementary information about their financial performance.
1) The award procedure is a Europe-wide negotiated procedure with upstream competition for participation according to - 14 Abs. 3 Ziff. 3 VgV.
2) The communication between the contracting authority and the companies during the partThe contestants and the selected candidates in the negotiated procedure will be handled exclusively via the eVergabe platform
3). The clients will comply with the requirements of - 41 VgV by using the information provided in section I. 3) a participation brochure with more detailed information on the procedure as well as all bidder information of theParticipation procedure free of charge, unrestricted, complete and directly available for retrieval, without the need for prior registration. The obligation of registration-free document retrieval therefore results in the obligation to provide independent and responsible information. An automatic notification will only be sent to registered bidders.
4) Entry formege are in electronic form in accordance with. - 126b BGB via the portal submit. For this purpose, a one-time free registration on the platform is required.
5) The tender documents for the negotiated procedure will be submitted to the selected candidates via the allocation portal after completion of the competition6) The submission of your application for participation by fax, e-mail or in writing by post is not permitted.
7) In the course of the negotiated procedure, the selected candidates will receive the tender documents. Afterwards, conversations on the award documents are planned. In this phase, it is possible to submit the tender documents by submitting von optimization proposals. This co-design should primarily serve to improve the profitability and improve the quality of supply. Negotiations between the clients and the bidders will be conducted on the basis of the preliminary tender documents and the suggestions for optimization received. Following this, the clients are awarded the contractb) If a bidder intends to provide third party companies (eg subcontractors, affiliated companies or other third parties) at the time of submission of the offer, the third party is on offer to name and type and extent of the vorges for the thirdto refer to their achievements. At the request of the clients, the evidence, declarations and information required in the contract notice must be submitted for the third-party companies. Contracting entities may limit this request to certain documents, statements and particulars as well as to individual third party companies.
9) Questions can only be asked by railway undertakings (RUs)provided in accordance with the legislation of the Member State in which they are established to provide the tendered service (see Article 9 (3) of the VgV in conjunction with Article 19 (1) of Directive 2014/24 / EU of 26.2 .2014). The RU has therefore on the allocation platform at the Internet address with a unique Ucompany name, address and active e-mail address to register. Subsequently, the contracting authorities will inform the registered RU automatically about changes to the tender documents and publication of candidate information via the internal bidder communication system of the awarding platform, which includes a notification function by e-mail.
10) Additional client next tothe Ministry of Transport and the SFBW (when choosing the BW model) is the Zweckverband OePNV in Ammertal (ZOeA)
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Deadline : 10 Jul 2019
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