Country : Switzerland
Summary : Contract notice: Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts
TPD Ref No : 30874335
Document Ref. No. : 082430-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses CFF Voyageurs, P-OP-FSE-PTF-SEF
Address: Wylerstrasse 123/125
Town: Berne
Postal Code: 3000
Contact Point: Markus Röthlisberger

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts

Description: Contract notice: Railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock and associated parts

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: GPA
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 34600000,34600000
CPV Description: Railway and tramway locomotive and rolling stock and associated parts.
Painting, sanitation of exterior elements IC 2020
As part of the modernization of IC 2000 type railway vehicles, external parts are dismounted and entrusted to painting workshops third.
Main Site: Olten Workshops SBB SA
As part of the modernization of the railway vehicles of type IC 2000, external parts are dismounted and assigned to third-party paint shops.
The main stains are listed below.
- painting of external elements IC 2020,
- painting / sanitation of external hatches IC 2020 (including adjustment and welding) which are the subject of 2 lots.
The offer must be established in accordance with the technical documents on the basis of thepaint / varnish systems currently in use at CFF.
Acquisition [Supply of paint and varnish for car bodies type IC 2020 of September 11, 2018 SIMAP ID 175610] is carried out parallel to the current market. SBB reserves the right to require from bidders an offer rectified according to the result of the market for paint / varnish systems.Supplementary data see figure 4.5
Evidence for the aptitude test 1.1
At least two references successfully executed in Switzerland and / or in EU Member States, for similar services / products and comparable complexity in technical matters, duration and deadlines for projects in the railway vehicle industry (public transport). The CFF must be able to verify the correct performance of services and collect information. The reference projects must have been completed in the past five years.
Proofs for the aptitude test 1.2
Proof of the existence of the equipment and production capacities necessary for a timely realization. This includes capacity planning (persequipment and tests)
Evidence for the aptitude test 2.1
a) Proof of quality management according to the company (ISO 9001 certification or equivalent) or description of the measures planned by the company to guarantee the quality quality and opportunities for project analysis and development;
b) If quality certifications fail subcontractors, an audit of their processess can be carried out to ensure their qualification.
Proofs for the aptitude test 2.2
Confirmation of the sufficient capacity in qualified personnel to carry out the project.
Evidence for the aptitude criterion 2.3
- structure of the enterprise,
- current organizational chart,
- sites, branches, representations or business partners in Europe.
Proofs for the aptitude criterion 2.4
- confirmationthe assumption of responsibility and the return of delivery can be assured on the day of the day and in accordance with the logistic specification (part 4D),
- own fleet of vehicles or evidence of a proven external solution,
- confirmation that all documents necessary, including customs formalities in Switzerland and in the country of destination of the transport concerned (take-over andreturn of delivery).
Proofs for the aptitude test 2.5
- Confirmation that the company has sufficient space for the requirements.
Proofs for the proficiency test 2.6
- confirmation that the repairs and modifications on parts can be made according to the specifications, part 4A,
- confirmation that disassembly and assembly work can be done
Proofs for proficiency test 2.7
- certification in accordance with EN 15085-2 in the course of validity, level of CL2 certification, of the welding shop executing (supplier or subcontractor).
Proofs for the criterion of aptitude 3.1
- extract from the commercial register or copy of the professional register or the register of companies of the country of origin of the tenderer
Evidence for theQualification Criteria 3.2
Declaration of pending or closed insolvency proceedings or comparable legal proceedings against the assets of the enterprise (in the absence of an extract from the Register of Prosecutions and Bankruptcies)
Evidence for the criterion of 3.3 - Statement on the overall turnover of the enterprise and details of the one related to the subject of this invitation to tender, on the basis ofof the three years preceding the publication of the said call for tenders
Evidence for the aptitude test 3.4
The SBB reserves the right to: For the three financial years preceding this call for tenders: annual accounts with balance sheet, profit and loss account, Annex (structure according to Title 32 of the Code of Obligations, in particular Articles 958, 959a and 959b and 959c CO or equivalent) and a cash flow statement if eincluding the last inspection report of the reviewing body request
Evidence for the aptitude test 3.5
Bank attestation certifying that in the event of awarding the contract, the financial guarantees will be provided as required and the credit required (solvency review) awarded to the tenderer. Unreserved acceptance of the standard Good Performer Guarantee formution, ...
Partial offers are not allowed.
Conditions for countries which have not acceded to the WTO agreements: none.
General conditions: CG CFF Maintenance of installations, technical systems, machinery and equipment devices (CG-Insta).
General and contractual conditions: in accordance with Article 29 para. 3 SBB applies its own conditions in its acquisition projectsgeneral or those of the Swiss Confederation. The commercial, technical, legal and procedural reserves of the tenderer will be accepted provided that the SBB accepts them - quantified and added to the bid price for the comparison of tenders.
Negotiations: Are reserved, the language of the negotiation is German Conditions governing the procedure: the contracting authorityawarding public contracts for services in Switzerland only to contractors who guarantee compliance with the provisions on the protection of workers, working conditions and equal pay for men and women.
Further information: additional information concerning section 2.6 SBB reserves the right to award both lots individually or togetheronly one supplier (subcontractors are allowed). Work must be done on spare parts in accordance with the instructions.
Duration approx. 1,000 hours of work. SBB AG is empowered, without obligation, to take over the management work or to call it with separate individual orders. The pieces are again installed in the same place, in the same roomariot, in a production cycle, so that the respect of deadlines and logistics (transport and storage) is very important. All logistics and warehousing must be handled by the supplier, including the production and maintenance of the transport containers.
Announcement of Bid: Bidders are requested to announce no later than 2 weeks beforedate mentioned in section 1.4, a possible delivery of an offer to the contact person quoted in 1.1.
General reserves: the maturity of the project, the provision of the corresponding credit, the approval of the competent bodies of the SBB (Board of Directors) and the entry into force of the award decisions of SBB are reserved.
Requests to amend the draft contract: the CFF reserve the right to reject requests to modify the draft contract. In case of rejection, refer to the draft contract concerning these points, cf. Part 3 of the commercial bid documents for the offer.
Visit (information meeting): a visit / information meeting will take place on 6.3.2019. The appointment is fixed at 14:00 at SBB Werk Olten. Because of the complexity of the marAs planned, participation in the visit / information meeting is mandatory. The visit will take place in German. 2 participants maximum per tenderer can participate. Tenderers who have not attended the visit will be automatically excluded from the procedure. Pre-registration until 28.2.2019 (16:00) by email at Questions forto be posed at the information / visit meeting and answers are given directly.
Indication of the remedies: according to art. 30 LMP, this publication may be attacked within 20 days of its notification by the Federal Administrative Court, PO Box, 9023 St. Gallen. The appeal memorial, to be submitted in two copies, will indicate theexclusions, reasons and means of proof and shall bear the signature of the Appellant Party or its agent; A copy of this publication and the evidence adduced as evidence, if available, will be attached to it.
Closing time for submission of tenders / Remarks: Entry to CFF for direct delivery against the award of an accused person reception. In the others ...

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