Country : Romania
Summary : Contract notice: Repair and maintenance services of medical equipment
TPD Ref No : 30607961
Document Ref. No. : 067565-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Institutul Regional de Oncologie Ia?i
Address: Str. General Berthelot nr. 2-4
Town: Ia?i
Postal Code: 700483
Contact Point: Andrei Bulugu

Phone: +40 751193776
Fax: +40 374278802
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Repair and maintenance services of medical equipment

Description: Contract notice: Repair and maintenance services of medical equipment

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 50421000,50421000,50421000,50421200
CPV Description: Repair and maintenance services of medical equipment - Repair and maintenance services of medical equipment - Repair and maintenance services of medical equipment - Rehabilitation and maintenance services of medical equipment of the Institute divided into 181 lots.
Cminimum and maximum anti-tyrants - according to the Annex to the tender specifications
REQUEST 1) Bidders, third parties and subcontractors must not find themselves in the situations stipulated in art. 59, 60, 164, 165, 167 of the Public Procurement Law no.98 / 2016.
The manner by which the fulfillment of the requirement can be demonstrated:
- the DUAE will be filled in by the economic operators participating in the procedure□ NOTE: Required for both the associated offeror and the third party or the subcontractor. If the third party / third party, the subcontractor / subcontractor falls within one of the grounds for exclusion provided in art. 59, 164, 165 and 167, the contracting authority shall require, once, that the economic operator substitute the third party• The supporting documents proving the fulfillment of the undertaken by completing the DUAE are to be presented, at the request of the contracting authority, only by the tenderers ranked on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the ranking drawn up at the completion of the evaluation of the tenders.
These documents may be:
1.documents issued by the authoritythe competent legal authorities, stating that the tenderer has fulfilled its obligations to pay the taxes and duties to the consolidated general budget, as well as the local taxes at the time of the presentation; NOTE: In case of an association the certificates will be presented by each individual partner . Tenders submitted by economic operators with unpaid debts to the state budget or buglocal residents and who have not obtained facilities / rescheduling to pay these debts (taking into account the maturity of their payment), will be disqualified / rejected.
2. the judicial record of the economic operator and of the members of the management, management or oversight of that economic operator, or those having the power to represent, decide or control inas it results from the certifying certificate issued by the ONRC / constitutive act; 3. in the first case, documents demonstrating that the economic operator may benefit from the derogations provided in art. 166 par. (2), art. 167 par. (2), art. 171 of Law 98/2016 on Public Procurement;
REQUEST 2) DECLARATION CONFLICT 60 / LAW 98/2016 TO BE PRESENTED BY PARTICIPANT(1) In the case of bids submitted in association, all associates must comply with the requirements for qualification of the affiliation of the members, according to the law. in the event that they are declared as subcontractors, all subcontractors must comply with the subcontractors` qualification requirements in accordance with the which the tenderer is entitled to support, all third-party supporters must comply with the qualification requirements of third parties, according to the law.
The persons within the Contracting Authority with decision-making function regarding the organization, carrying out and finalization of the present award procedure, according to the provisions of art. 58-63, of Law no. 98/2016:
- Members of the CommitteeDirector:
Manager: Ec. Mirela Grosu
Medical Director: Prof. Dr. Gabriel Dimofte
Financial Accounting Director: Ec. Mihaela Cucu
- Evaluation Committee:
President with voting rights: Bioing. Podaru Alexandru-Constantin
- Members:
1. Ioanid Constantin Comp. Maintenance and Repair Med Apparatus
2. Ing. Galbeaza Dumitrela Comp. Maintenance & Repair Med Apparatus
3. Neaga Narcis Decebof the Technical Compartment
4. Ec. Dorela Madalina Sava Public Procurement Bureau
- Reserve members:
1. Ing. Blanita Laurentiu Technical Compartment
2. Ing. Ciprian Ozarchevici Radiotherapy Laboratory
REQUEST 1: The bidders participating in the procedure must be legally registered and the subject of the contract must have a correspondent in the CAEN code from the certifying certificate issued by ONRC. infor... details on
1) The way of awarding the bids: considering that the framework agreement ends with a maximum number of 3 economic operators, the award criterion being the lowest price, the way of the ranking of possible bids with equal prices ranked on one of the top three places of the leaderboard will be re-table. Recharging will be done by chargingelectronics in the SEAP of documents containing the new prices. The reopened price can only be improved up to the level of the price offered by the operator placed in the previous place; 2) According to art. 196 par. 2 of Law 98/2016, the bidder is obliged to use the DUAE (Single European Procurement Document). The electronic version of the DUAE is available as an online form by the CommissionEuropeana at the dedicated website -
3) All documents will be signed with the signatory`s EXTINSA electronic signature by the latest at the time and date mentioned in the participation announcement.
Please note: If multiple batch submissions are submitted, DUAE and technical proposal will be assessed inin the section for each batch, even if the same documents are loaded
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Deadline : 15 Mar 2019
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