Country : Romania
Summary : Contract notice: Software support services
TPD Ref No : 30607973
Document Ref. No. : 067575-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Spitalul Jude?ean de Urgen?? Bac?u
Address: Str. Spiru Haret nr. 2
Town: Bac?u
Postal Code: 600114
Contact Point: Maria Dominteanu

Phone: +40 234534000
Fax: +40 234517424 / 515184
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Software support services

Description: Contract notice: Software support services

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 72261000,72261000
CPV Description: Software Support Services
Technical Support Services, Server Administration, Training and Maintenance for the Hospital Manager Suite Information System
Reference Number: 42782728_2019_PAAPD1052814
The selected procurement procedure is the open tender, with no final e-auction stage. Bacau Emergency.
Technical Support Services, Server Administration, Traning and maintenance of the Hospital Manager Suite Information System
Minimum estimated contract value / framework agreement: RON 44,000.00 .- Estimated maximum value of the following subcontract: RON 528,000.00
Maximum estimated framework agreement: 2 112 000,00 RON.
Requirement no. 1. Declaration on non-compliance with the provisions of art. 59 60 of the Law no. 98/2016 on Public Procurement• The economic operator will present the DUAE form in the tender documentation, signed with the extended electronic signature, uploaded to SEAP. The framing of the situation stipulated in art. 60 of Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement leads to the exclusion of the bidder from the procedure applied for a- Name of the persons holding decision-making positions within the contracting authority, those with power of representation from the contracting authority, regarding the organization, running and finalization of the procedure:
- Popa George Adrian - Manager,
- Dinu Ioana-Raluvca - Medical Director,
- Anton Adriana Florentina - Financial and Accounting Director,
- Dominteanu Maria Elena - Head of the Auction and Contract Office,
- Seica Radu - Head of the Informatics Service, Evaluation and Medical Statistics. 2. Statement of Non-compliance in Art. 164 of Law no. 98 / 2016.
Requirement no. 3. Declaration on non-compliance in art. 165 of Law no. 98 / 2016.
Requirement no. 4. Statement of non-compliance in art. 167 of the Law no. 98/2016
ModeCompletion: completion of the DUAE (Single European Achievement Document) form instead of the documents required to demonstrate qualification requirements, including exercise capacity, as a preliminary proof. The contracting authority shall require the successful tenderer to submit all or part of the supporting documents as proof of the information contained DUAE, in original, after application of the award criterion, until the date of the conclusion of the award procedure, according to art. 196 par. (2) of the Law no. 98/2016 on Public Procurement.
Note 1. The contracting authority excludes from the award procedure any economic operator that falls under any of the provisions of art. 59, 60, 164, 165 and 167 of Law no. 98/2016
Note2. Each document shall be signed by the legal representative of the tenderer. If they are signed by another person, they will be empowered. Documents issued in a language other than the Romanian language must be accompanied by an authorized translation in Romanian. All documents will have, besides the signature, the name, surname and signature of the signatory. All dthe documents will be filed in SEAP, signed with the extended electronic signature, according to art. 60 par. (4) of GD no. 395 / 2016.
The supporting documents proving the fulfillment of the assumed by completing the DUAE are to be presented at the request of the contracting authority in the intermediate rankings drawn up at the completion of the evaluation of the tenders. These documents may be:
- Certificate of Incorporation(local budget, state budget, etc.) at the moment of presentation,
- The judicial record of the economic operator and of each member of the administrative, management or administrative body, the oversight of that economic operator or those having the power of representation, decision or decisioncontrol as it results from the certifying certificate issued by the ONRC / constitutive act,
- According to the case, documents proving that the economic operator may benefit from the derogations provided in art. 166 par. (2), art. 167 par. (2), art. 171 of Law no. 98/2016 on public procurement,
- Other editorial documents, as appropriate.
For legal / natural personsRomanian: the certificate of attestation issued by the National Trade Register Office, from which the object of activity of the respective economic operator is to be produced, shall be presented, at the request of the contracting authority, only [...] details on
Turnover information. Turnover for the last 3 years will be shown. Total turnover value, an annual average for the last 3 years (2015, 2016, 2017 /), to be at least RON 528,000.00. If the financial situation is drawn up in a currency other than a leu, the average annual leu / foreign exchange rate communicated by the NBR (average rate set by the NBR) for that year will be applied. The economic operator will fill out the appropriate requirement in the DUAE form in the award documentation. They willshall present relevant documents from the economic operator regarding the economic and financial situation, by presenting in original / certified copies / certified copies, according to the original, by documents. Documents required in support of turnover will be submitted at the request of the contracting authority when the bid evaluation is completed. Participating economic operatorsand the award procedure will complete the DUAE, with information related to its own situation, on the turnover corresponding to the data in the annual financial statements as at 31 December. The supporting documents proving the fulfillment of the assumed by completing the DUAE, ie balance sheets or balance sheets drawn up by the competent bodies, and if for reasons of the objectssome of these are not available, other editorial documents shall be submitted at the request of the contracting authority. The contracting authority may require the submission of all or some of the documents at any time during the award procedure, if necessary. The supporting documents proving the ones assumed in the commitments / agreements vto be requested only by the tenderer declared winner at the request of the contracting authority
1) The clarification requests regarding this tender documentation will be exclusively addressed to SEAP, in the "Questions" section of the award procedure conducted by electronic means, and responses to them will be published in SEAP in the "Documentation and Customsthe contracting authority will not respond to the requests addressed by means of communication other than the established one. The economic operators have the right to submit the tender only in electronic form and only by the deadline set for the submission of tenders;
2) Possible answers to the clarifications will be attached to the participation announcemente) These responses will be part of the awarding documentation and it is mandatory to be considered when preparing the offer; 3) DUAE is made available to interested economic operators, in editable format, attached to the participation announcement in the "Awarding Documentation Participating economic operators will fill in the information / responses related to the classification / non-compliancefor the reasons for exclusion or fulfillment of the qualification criteria requested by the contracting authority that have a correspondent at the level of the acquisition date and will not have the right to intervene on the DUAE format, respectively on the requirements checked by the contracting authority. After completing the DUAE, the document will be signed electronically and uploaded to SEAP, to the procedureassigning, similarly to other documents, parts of the offer. The economic operators have the obligation to file the UAAA with the offer, under the sanction of rejection of the offer as unacceptable, according to art. 137 par. (2) lit. b) of GD no. 4) In order to complete the DUAE, economic operators will access the following link:
5) Inregarding the modification of the public procurement / framework agreement, the contracting authority reserves the right to apply the provisions of art. 221 fine Law no. 98/2016;
6) The communication on the outcome of the procedure will be transmitted both through SEAP and through one of the following communication modalities: fax / e-mail.
Internet address (URL):
Deadline : 20 Mar 2019
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