Country : Germany
Summary : Contract notice: Speed camera equipment
TPD Ref No : 30607956
Document Ref. No. : 067560-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Landratsamt Karlsruhe
Address: Beiertheimer Allee 2
Town: Karlsruhe
Postal Code: 76137
Contact Point: Zentrale Vergabestelle

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Speed camera equipment

Description: Contract notice: Speed camera equipment

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 34971000,63712710,31682210,34971000,63712710,31682210
CPV Description: Speed camera equipment.
Instrumentation and control equipment.
Rental of speed measuring devices in the district of Karlsruhe and preparation of measurements
Reference Number: LRAKA-2019-0002
Rental of speed measuring devices in the district of Karlsruhe and preparation of measurements
The district of Karlsruhe performs mobile speed measurements. The UmfaDue to the mobile speed monitoring, about 36,000 violations a year are expected. In addition, about 4,000 procedures are to be prepared from police controls.
The equipment and personnel provision for the mobile speed measurement in the district of Karlsruhe as well as data preparation of the measurements are written out.
Up to 3 measuring vehicles with driver and changing M are allowed per dayto place tools. Every day from Monday to Friday three measuring vehicles are used on a daily basis and one vehicle on Saturdays. A measurement period usually lasts 8 hours.
Contract period: 1.5.2019 30.4.2022 with extension option for one-off 6 months.
- Demand position 1: rental of a fourth mobile metering train,
- Demand position 2: Data processing of digital measurement data from stationaeren Messanlagen.
For more information, please refer to the list of services.
- Excerpt from the commercial register; If there is no entry in the commercial register, a copy of the business registration must be submitted and the manager (s) named, in particular, with date of birth,
General explanations and proof of suitability:
- Certificate ("Auszug aus dem Bundeszentralregister ") for all members of the management and company management (the certificates may not be older than 3 months at the time of submitting the offer; alternatively, the self-declaration on the application for the management credentials is accepted if the certificates are submitted promptly, at the latest before the end of the binding period)
- Signed pledge tom Minimum wage in accordance with the requirements of the Tarot Pay and Minimum Wage Act for Public Contracts in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Land Star Trek Loyalty and Minimum Wage Act LTMG).
In the case of foreign bidders, all required documents must be in German and the required content must be equivalent. The required excerpts, certificates and certificates can be obtained from foreign biddersequivalent proof of the competent authorities of the country of origin or of the Member State of establishment of the candidate or tenderer.
Proof of public liability insurance of at least 5,000,000 for personal injury and property damage and at least 100,000 for damage to property (proof of insurance may be obtained) Time of the offere not older than 6 months), - proof of at least 250 000 EUR per vehicle, regardless of their fault,
- To be provided on request:
References from clients in the field of speedometer rental over the past 3 years
For foreign bidders all required documents in German language and the required Inbe equivalent. The requested statements, proofs and certificates may be provided to foreign bidders by an equivalent certificate issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin or of the country of establishment of the candidate or tenderer. Offers submitted via the tendering platform may be corrected or amended until the end of the tendering period .by submitting a new offer via the tendering platform. Beforehand, the submitted offer must be withdrawn in the bidding cockpit of the awarding manager. Further information can be found at
Tenderers are obliged to register at for up to 6 calendar days before the end of the offer periodcb4a3f-3b51f0453703fe01, whether there have been any statements, concretizations or changes in the tender documents (Holschuld). It is expressly stated that there may be a need to postpone the offer period within these 6 calendar days. In such a case, immediately on the aforementioned website informiert. Questions relating to the tendering procedure must be addressed to the awarding authority via the tendering platform ("Vergabe24") Answers and information on timely bidder questions will be provided by the contracting authority via the tendering platform at least 6 days before the deadline for the submission of tenders It is recommended to applicants to contact Veregister rgabe24 free of charge so that they receive (automatically) information on expositions, concretions and / or changes.

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Deadline : 11 Mar 2019
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