Country : Somalia
Summary : Consultancy Services for DRC/DDG Somaila Program years 2019-2021
TPD Ref No : 36933947
Document Ref. No. : SO-MGQ-19-RFP-PQ-001
Financier : Self Financed
Mogadishu&#rl;&#nl;Email :
Tender Details : Request for proposals are invited for Consultancy Services for DRC/DDG Somaila Program years 2019-2021.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;Danish Refugee Council (DRC), with funding from all Projects invites all suppliers to participate in the tender for the supply to pre-qualification for Consultancy Services for DRC/DDG in the coming years within following areas: Shelter and Non-food Items, Food Security, Protection, Durable Solutions, Income Generation, Coordination & Operational Services, Community Infrastructure & Services, Humanitarian Mine Action, Armed Violence Reduction (AVR), Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), and Education.&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;ITB Issuing date: 02 October 2019 &#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;ITB Closure date: 30 October 2019 at 04:30 PM (EA Time) &#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;&#rl;&#nl;3. Pre-qualification of firms&#rl;&#nl;consultancy firmís/consultants pre-qualification will be based on DRC/DDG policies led by the pre-qualification team as shown in succeeding clauses regarding the firms/consultants general and particular experience in the previously mentioned sector/s and/or including; their ability to perform the aforementioned activities, personnel capabilities and financial position as demonstrated by the Applicantís responses in the forms attached within this document and in any supporting documents provided. Sub-contractorís experience and resources shall not be taken into account in determining the Applicantís compliance with the qualifying criteria. However, Joint Venture experience & resources shall be considered and the applicant will be required to provide documentary proof of the same. A consortium or Association of firms will be considered for similar treatment as in case of Joint Venture. DRC/DDG reserves the right to waive minor deviations, as long as these do not materially affect the capability of an Applicant to perform its obligations as per the DRC/DDG terms of agreement. Experience and resources of the firms/consultants intended to be employed as sub-awardees/consultants shall not be considered in determining the Applicantís compliance with the qualifying criteria.&#rl;&#nl;3.1. Conflict of interest&#rl;&#nl;The consultancy firm/consultant must not be associated, nor have been associated in the past with the DRC/DDG or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries in interest, and legal representatives, that have prepared or will prepare any specifications, and other prequalification and bidding documents for any consultancy works, or have been associated with the DRC/DDG as Consultants. Any such association may result in disqualification of the Applicant.
Deadline : 30 Oct 2019
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