Country : Romania
Summary : Contract notice: Software implementation services
TPD Ref No : 39981115
Document Ref. No. : 038068-2020
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Societatea de Distribu?ie a Energiei Electrice Transilvania Nord S.A.
Address: Str. Ilie M?celaru nr. 28A
Town: Cluj-Napoca
Postal Code: 400380
Contact Point: Ioana Mihaiela Oltean

Phone: +40 264205435
Fax: +40 264205425
Tender Details : Object of the contract
Software implementation services

Description: Contract notice: Software implementation services

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 72263000,72254100,72265000,72263000,72254100,72265000
CPV Description: Software implementation services.
Systems testing services.
Software configuration services.
"SAP computer system development services"
Reference Number: 14476722/2019 / 1ICT - 2AC
Purchase of "SAP computer system development services", with the objects:
Main Site: SDEE headquarters Northern Transylvania
The acquisition of services of "SAP computer system development", with the objects:
Object 1: Developmentthe area of the SAP computer system in order to implement the regulations regarding the change of the interval of settlement of the load curves from 60 minutes to 15 minutes;
Object 2: Modernization of SAP system to EHP8 version. with the specific modules and with the applications developed especially for Soc. of Distribution aElectric Power Transilvania Nord S.A.
1) Statement regarding the non-compliance with the provisions of art. 177 of Law 99/2016. The corresponding request will be completed in the DUAE form from the award documentation. 178 of Law 99/2016. It will be fulfilledyour corresponding request in the DUAE form from the award documentation.
Note: it is requested both to the associate bidder, to the subcontractor or to the supporting third party; 180 of Law 99/2016. The corresponding request will be filled in the DUAE form from the award documentation.Note of requirements 1, 2 and 3: the supporting documents proving the non-classification in the situations of exclusion provided for in art. 177, 178, 180 of Law 99/2016 will be presented, at the request of the contracting entity, only by the tenderer ranked first in the intermediate ranking drawn up at the end of the evaluation of the offers; we refer to:
- the criminal recordr of the economic operator and of the members of the administrative, management or supervisory body of the respective economic operator or of those who have power of representation, decision or control within it, as it results from the certifying certificate issued by the ONRC / the constitutive document ,
- as the case may be, documents proving that the economic operator can benefit fromderogations provided by law),
- certifying documents regarding the lack of outstanding debts with payment of taxes, taxes or contributions to the general consolidated budget, (local budget, state budget, etc.), at the time of their submission,
- as the case may be, documents through which it is shown that the economic operator can benefit from the derogations provided in art. 179 para. (2), art. 180 paragraph (2), art. 184 of Law 99/2016 on sectoral procurement,
- other documents, if applicable.
If the country of origin or the country in which the bidder / third-party supporter / subcontractor is established, no documents of the nature mentioned above are issued or those documents do not cover all the situations provided in art. 177, 178 and 180 of Law no. 99/2016 authority / entitythe contracting party has the obligation to accept a declaration on its own responsibility or if in the respective country there are no legal provisions regarding the declaration on its own responsibility, an authentic statement given before a notary, an administrative or judicial authority or a professional association that has competences in this regard;
4) Statements according to art. 73 / Law 99/2016, which will bepresented by all participants in the award procedure (bidder, associate, subcontractor and third party supporter) with the DUAE submission. Persons within the contracting entity with decision functions related to the organization, development and completion of the award procedure:
- Eng. Emil Merdan general manager,
- ec. Dora Fataceanu director of the Joint Services Division,
- ing. AdrianGabriel Margin director of the Network Development Division,
- cons. jr. Luminita Abrudan director of the Department of Legal and General Control,
- ec. Alina Ursu Head of the Office of Contractual Discipline, - Eng. Horia Mioscu, Director of ICT Dep., - Eng. Adina Fărăgău Head of ICT Solutions Service,
- ec. Claudia Marcu SICT consultant, Mihaiela Oltean directorDepartment of Procurement and Logistics,
- Eng. Master Ovidiu Ioan head of Procurement Service of Goods and Services, - Eng. Manzat-Rus Dan Procurement Service of Goods and Services, - Eng. Popa Lucian Ilie Procurement Service of Goods and Services. fulfillment: completing DUAE and filling in a declaration form regarding the conflict of interest.
Note **. Documents issued in a language other than Romanian, must be accompanied by translations by the author [...] details on
1) The duration of the performance is the one imposed by the contracting authority through the attribution documentation due to the efficiency of the use of the funds;
2) the obligatory clauses of the contract are a condition of acceptance of the offer. For the specific clauses of the contract model, amendments may be submitteddate of submission of the offer. The amendments submitted after the opening of the tenders will no longer be taken into account;
3) The bidder has no right to withdraw the offer and / or the documents accompanying it during its validity period, under the sanction of the loss of the participation guarantee established;
4) The answers the DUAE of the economic operators participating in the procedure will be completed in SEAP directly, after authentication, by each participant;
5) Requests for clarification of the potential bidders will be addressed exclusively in SEAP at the "Questions" section of the award procedure carried out by electronic means, and the answers to them will be published in SEAP, in the "Documentation and clarifications" section of the participation announcement, ethe contracting entity will not respond to the requests addressed by another communication method than the one established in accordance with the provisions of art. 78 paragraph (1) of Law no. 99/2016 for the communications subsequent to the submission of tenders. The evaluation commission will send the clarification requests regarding the submitted offers, in SEAP to the "Questions" section. The economic operators will sendthe answers to the clarifications and the possible documents requested during the evaluation of the offers through SEAP (the "Questions" section), completely in the section corresponding to the respective request, in the form of one or more separate documents / files signed with the electronic signature;
6) In the case of offers with equal scores placed on the first place, the division will be done by the factorprice, and if the prices will be equal, for the separation, the contracting entity (through SEAP in the "Questions" section) will request the re-offer, by presenting a new financial proposal. The new financial proposal will be submitted only and only afterwards. requesting the contracting entity;
7) In the case of a designated winning association of the procedure, it will be legalizedhas notarized it until the contract is signed
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Deadline : 28 Feb 2020
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