Country : Switzerland
Summary : Contract notice: Uninterruptible power supplies
TPD Ref No : 38237093
Document Ref. No. : 556080-2019
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) — Swiss Plasma Center (SPC)
Address: Building PPB - Station 13
Town: Lausanne
Postal Code: 1015
Contact Point: Professor Ambrogio Fasoli

Tender Details : Object of the contract
Uninterruptible power supplies

Description: Contract notice: Uninterruptible power supplies

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Supplies
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: GPA
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 31154000,38000000,31154000,38000000
CPV Description: Uninterruptible power supplies.
Laboratory, optical and precision equipments (excl. Glasses).
High voltage DC power supply to accelerate the ions of a neutron injector related to the operation of the variable configuration tokamak (TCV)
Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne wants to buy a high voltage DC power supply (HVDC) to accelerate the ions of a neutrals injector linked to the operatiVariable configuration tokamak (TCV), property of the Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) integrated with the basic sciences (SB).
Main Site: See specifications.
The Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne wishes to purchase a DC high voltage power supply (HVDC) to accelerate the ions of a neutron injector related to the operation of the variable configuration tokamak (TCV), property of SwissPlasma Center (SPC) integrated with Basic Science (SB).
This power supply can be connected to two separate AC power sources depending on its use: either at 10 kVAC / 50 Hz or alternator providing 10 kVAC at 120 Hz. The output characteristics of this power supply are: 60 kVDC / 50 A. The maximum duration of the voltage pulses is2 sec, repeated every 5 min. The dynamics of the output voltage will make it possible to follow a rise time (respectively of descent) ≤ 100 μsec.
Partial offers are not admitted.
Conditions for the countries not having acceded to the agreements of the WTO: none General conditions: see specifications. Negotiations: remain reserved. Conditions governing the procedure:the award of public contracts for services in Switzerland only to contractors who guarantee compliance with the provisions on the protection of workers, working conditions and equal pay for men and women, - the undertakings concerned must register on the server and download themselves the specifications and its appendices,at the same address,
- the acquisition will be subject to the progress of the project and the availability of the credits,
- to guarantee the actuality of the information and the equality of treatment between the tenderers, only Documents submitted after the date of publication of the tender offer on the server will be taken into account in the evaluation of tenders.n remedies: according to Art. 30 LMP, this publication may be attacked within 20 days of its notification by the Federal Administrative Court, PO Box, 9023 St. Gallen. The appeal, to be presented in 2 copies, will indicate the conclusions, reasons and means of proof and will bear the signature of the appellant party or his representative; A copy of this publication and the exhibits invoked as evidence, if available, will be attached to it.
Remarks (time limit for writing questions):
- all questions relating to the specifications and the market must be in writing (e-mail), - the deadline will expire, it will no longer be answered.
Publication of referenthis national: SIMAP of 20.11.2019, doc. 1106777.
Deadline wishes to put questions in writing: 20.12.2019.
Conditions for obtaining the tender dossier: the tender dossier is available under http: //www.simap. ch

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Deadline : 07 Jan 2020
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