Every year the Défense Department of the United States hires thousands of people. They provide business to several companies through DOD contract awards. Once you break the barrier of winning a DOD contract, it can be remunerative for you and your business.

Government contracts have better security and are more trustable than private contracts. There are thousands of opportunities for all types of bidders in the Public sector, all you need to do is find the right opportunity.

What do you mean by DFARS?

DFARS stands for the Defence Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. For a contractor, it is compulsory to ensure that their data is protected from cyber-attacks.

DFARS ensures that the DoD contractor and the vendor both are following all the guidelines.

Basics of Defence Contracts

There are few ground rules, a contractor should follow to get the defence contract. Every job and work in the US require local citizens. If you are not a US citizen, it will be difficult for you to win any defence contract. Your work visa won’t help you in getting US public contracts.

There are numerous steps you have to clear before winning any defence bid. Prepare yourself for the security clearance test. As you’ll be working with the national security of the US, you have to assure the defence department.

The defence department demands more security than any other public tenders. You have to make sure that your business has qualifications as per contract requirements. A contractor needs to go under rigorous testing to meet the security conditions of DOD. Anything suspicious can lead you to behind the bars.

How to Find DOD contractors?

Tenders Pedia has all the information about public and private tenders. For more, you can check out the DoD website.

You have to provide the bid for your services.

DFARS Confirmation

Well, there are not many steps to get the DFARS compliance. But be ready to enjoy all the benefits of DoD contracts.

Do you even need the compliant?

Don't go the extra mile, if you don’t need DFARS compliant. Although, if you want an extra income from the DoD project, get the compliance. All the defence contract winners need DFARS compliance to earn money from the contract.

Address the Cyber Security Questionnaire

Check the DoD contract, if they have a cybersecurity questionnaire or not. Your address to the questionnaire ensures that you are ready to protect sensitive information from any cyber threat.

Although, the questionnaire is not enough to get DFARs confirmation.

Try Self-Assessment

You need to fulfil all the 110 controls to assess your company for the confirmation of DFARS. Check each of them thoroughly to neglect all the chances of losing the DoD contract.

System Security Plan

Create a System Security Plan to prove the ability of your company. You need to show the exact steps of your Security Plan to get compliance.

Implement the Security Plan

You need to implement your security plan and then show it to the Department of Défense to get the contract.

If you don’t have any personal security plan, outsource the help. But be ready with SSP, is one of the most important factors to win the DoD contract awards.

Guide for Department of Défense Contracts

You must have ISO certifications, ITAR, and First Article Inspection (FAI). Here is the other must-have checklist to becoming the DOD contractor:

Explore Small Business Administration Programs

If you have a small business, you must take advice from the Small Business Administration. They are the Technical Assistance of DOD’s Procurement program, created to help small businesses in winning DOD bids. They guide for the meetings with the officers and how to compete with other potential vendors.

Your Product and Services

To find the suitable codes for your services, check Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). Your services should have Federal Supply Class codes, the Product Service code, and North American Industry Classification System Codes.

Register in SAM and obtain DUNS

A contractor must register with System for Award Management (SAM), it’s for free. SAM helps you with smooth electronic payments and invoices. Also, obtain the Data Universal Numbering System to work with the Federal Government.

Generate CAGE or NCAGE code

After SAM registration U.S vendor will get the Contractor and Government code and the foreign vendor will receive NATO Contractor and Government Entity Code.

Find DOD opportunities

DOD updates its worth $7 million websites every day. If you want to win any DoD contract, stay updated with the opportunities.

Learn about DoD regulations

Learn about the DoD rules and regulations before applying for any contract. You can check the official website of the Federal Acquisition Regulation Website and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement page.

Explore FSS

General Services Administration plays an important role when any supplier or vendor sells their services through GSA. It is the biggest procurement program for commercial products and services. However, it saves the time of both government bidders and commercial vendors.

Check Fed Mall Contracts

It is an e-commerce ordering system for, state, DoD, and authorized organizations. You must have an authentication certificate, SAM registration, and CAGE code to use the Fed Mall.

Research and Seek Advice

Many other factors help you to get a DoD contract awards such as Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) and Federal Procurement Data System -Next Generation. The research will help you to find the best opportunity for your business.

However, many vendors think that there are limited opportunities in DoD, but it is not true.


Many DoD projects required big companies to subcontract with small businesses. The defense department creates opportunities for small businesses to enter the federal contracting sector.

Familiarize yourself with the DoD work procedure

To work with the defense department, you need to be familiar with their work procedure. For example, Wide Area Workflow is the only acceptable electronic payment method (invoice and other reports).

Market your Services

Firstly, you need to know about your niche. Don’t sell your services to everyone, find potential clients. Research and learn more about your and your competitor’s services. Differentiate your services and check how you stand out from them. You can get more opportunities by marketing your services on online platforms.

Final Thoughts

However, DoD contracts are like other public tenders but require more security. However, DoD contracts are like other public tenders but require more security. Also, DoD has the best possible opportunities for all the small businesses. Check Tenders Pedia for more information.