PQQ Questionnaire and Guide for Construction Tendering

PPQ is the first step to shortlist the potential vendors. It is the method to get maximum information about the potential vendor in the construction sector. Learn about the PQQ questionnaire and construction tendering process.

PQQ in Construction

PQQ stands for pre-qualification questionnaire in construction tenders. It is a process to shortlist the potential vendor for the construction project. The PQQ process varies from one client to another. This process requires a buyer to write the basic information and services offered by their company.

The Questionnaire under PQQ is:

Information of the company

  • Registration and VAT number
  • Type of organization
  • Contact Details of the company

Questions related to grounds of mandatory rejection

You need to address the question with “yes” or “no”.

Economic and Financial Condition

  • Annual turnover of the company
  • Final turnover
  • About the Insurance

Technical ability

A client wants to know about your qualification and ability for the project. You need to provide proof that your company is capable of carrying out the job. A strong response to address the technical ability is to providence from previous clients.

Details of Staff and Subcontractor

You need to submit the details of your company staff and subcontractors (if any).

  • CVs
  • A small introduction of the team members
  • Qualification documents

Project-related question

This includes qualifications, license, and proof of technical ability for the construction tender completion.

  • CSCS card
  • BIM
  • CPCS
  • ISO 9001; 14001; 18001
  • SSIP
  • IOSH
  • CHAS
  • Subcontractor
  • Safe Contractor

Quality Assurance

PQQ of the construction contract will securely have questions related to quality assurance. This might include:

  • Training procedure
  • Quality assurance
  • Management of the poor performance of employees and you sort it out.
  • Any performance management like inspections or audits

Provide an ISO 9001 certificate, if you have. It will save you from this above process.

Health Safety

The construction tender client wants to ensure that you work with utmost health safety and security. It is an important part of PQQ. A contractor might ask you to demonstrate and hold accountability. You can provide the following accreditations:

  • Pass the PAS91 within the last 12 months
  • Official management system like OHSAS 18001; 2007 or ISO 45001;2018
  • A license of SSIP health such as Safe Contractor or CHAS.


  • CDN 2015
  • Health and safety at work as per Act 1974

Environment Safety Policy

It is an additional important section of the construction bidding. You need to submit answers along with evidence. Areas can be considered:

  • Waste reduction management and recycling process
  • The process to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Or Provide ISO 14001 certificate - answer all the environment safety-related questions.

Guide for Tendering Process

Firstly, it is important to understand and digest information about the construction tenders. Do the research and check out all the requirements of construction tenders. Here is the following thing a bidder should consider before responding to the construction tender:

  • Invitation letter of the tender
  • Type of tender
  • Preliminaries like pre-construction information and management plan of site waste.
  • Terms and Conditions of the contract. It may include a model enabling amendment.
  • Pricing document of construction project
  • Blueprint, drawings of the building, information of the existing building.

This much information and construction process can be overwhelming for the companies. But it will help you in writing the compelling construction tender. TendersPedia will guide you on how to write the best tender.

Tips for Construction Tender

Here are the few tips’ vendors can follow to write a compelling tender:

Find the strength and weakness of your company

A business knows well about its strength and weakness. You should be aware of the services you can deliver and the kind of support you need for the project compilation.

It is necessary to demonstrate your expertise to win the tender.

Deep Study on Clients

Your client would appreciate your response when the details in the response are beyond the tender documents. The research will help you to know about the client’s strategic plans and their requirements.

It will help you to show the client how your services will be perfect for their requirements and help them to meet with goals.


The RFP you will receive for the construction tender will tell you in detail about the requirements for the project. Your response to the tender should be detailed. Give as many as details you can give to the client, also add proof or reference about the experience in the relevant field.

Take your Employees Help

You must have subject experts in your company, take their help to create tender. You can allocate them work as per their expertise, they will find the improvements and help you build a compelling response.

For example - You can talk to the content writer of your company to sit with the operational team and design a solution to the client’s problem. Teamwork will help you in building a great tender.

Include Examples

Include various examples of your previous work. This will help the client to know about your services and makes your response stand strong.

  • References from your previous clients
  • Completed Projects
  • Mention awards
  • CCS reports
  • Site audits and project completion reports.

Invest in Tender

No matter, if your company is small or big, you should invest time and resources to write the best bid. Hire a bid writing expert, if you don’t know bid writing.

No need to go for expensive resources, invest according to your budget. A good opportunity will open the door for new opportunities.

Supply Chain

If you are going to work with subcontractors, involve them in the tendering process. You might not have expertise in all the fields, their skills and knowledge will complete your tendering process.

Improve your tendering abilities

  • Create a template response to address the questions.
  • Establish a process for tendering process.
  • Store examples to support your services.
  • Approach the right people to write a tender response.

Final Thoughts

Overall, for the successful construction tendering process, prepare well. Take enough time to understand the bid and its requirements. Research well, then only designs the tendering process. Check out TendersPedia for more information.

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