A healthcare project demands skill, qualifications, specific training, and experience for successful completion. There are numerous procurement opportunities available in the healthcare industry. All the small and big businesses can apply for the health care tenders.

A well-prepared bidder can easily win the Norway healthcare contract.

Types of Healthcare Tenders

Before applying for any Norway healthcare tender, learn about the different types of healthcare tender. Here is the list of different care tenders:

Framework Agreements

For small and big companies, Framework is the best way to win public healthcare contracts. Different types of frameworks are:

  • • NHS Supply Chain (National Framework)
  • • Local Government Framework
  • • NHS Procurement Hubs

Dynamic Purchasing System

It is quite the same as Framework here you’ll be allowed to become the approved supplier to a council or any other public body. Two factors make DPS more accessible than Framework:

  • • There is no time limitation on DPS. You can apply for any tender at any time. Also, you can leave DPS anytime, if you want.
  • • DPS is an electronic process.

Second or Third Tier Provision

Many vendors wonder if they can apply for health care tender without enough providence. It’s a genuine question, as bidders need to provide references while writing a bid to a healthcare contract.

Second or Third Tier Provision helps you to get valid evidence for the contract. You can ask your local council for second or third-tier opportunities. It is for small businesses with less experience.

The second or third-tier generally provide opportunities to the local businesses. They don’t need evidence like first-tier opportunities. It makes them ideal for small businesses to win healthcare procurement deals.


Sometimes big companies get huge tenders and have a lot of work to do. That time, they contact small businesses to assist them to meet the contract requirements. However, subcontracting is a great way for new and small businesses to get healthcare contracts.

License and Qualifications

To win any Norway healthcare tenders, you need to have appropriate licenses and qualifications. Tendering authorities or health care clients would like to know that you are a safe bidder for their contract.

They would like to check your qualification for their respective project. You need to show a few documents such as internationally recognized qualification, company license, quality accreditations. To pass the first evaluation procedure, accreditation like ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, level 3 NVQs will help you.

Steps to bid Healthcare Tenders Successfully

You need to follow a few guidelines to win the Norway healthcare bid successfully. Check out the following steps:

Tender Structure

Check whether the tender is divided into different types. It will help you to understand the tender requirements.

Check the Tender Documents

Check all the documents of tender before taking any further steps. Because you have to demonstrate all the requirements before starting working on any project. You have to give evidence of how you have offered the services in the past.

that your services are safe and will not harm any individual. You need to Less Risk Health care tenders are sensitive and for the welfare of society, you need to ensure explain what is your risk safety and the solution.


Check out your healthcare-specific policies and procedures. The question will be raised about your safeguarding policy. Be prepared and build a strong safety plan.


You must have skilled and qualified staff for the specific Norway healthcare contract. The client might ask questions like - “what is your recruitment procedure?”,” what about your compliance checks?” and more.

Check out the Questionnaire

Read each question carefully. If you don’t know how to address the question you can take the help of websites like Tenders Pedia. There are numerous online templates available. Address each question mindfully.

Provide Reference

Your references for your work speak for your work experience itself. You can use the references such as testimonials, work history, results of the previous tenders, and more.

Things to Consider for Tender Response

Your response to the request for proposal of any healthcare tender decides your chances of winning that project. You should be mindful and careful while writing a response. Here are the few things you can consider while writing a response:

Social Value

Social value is important in all the actors, but when writing healthcare, it should be your priority. You’ll be working with different communities, it’s important to show your buyer that you’ll bring value to society.

Be genuine about the service you provide. Your social value will help you to find the potential vendor for your healthcare project. It will open your door for new opportunities.

Risk Management

It is important to show your client that you are ready with your risk management system. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up, a client always expects a risk management system from the contractor.

Demonstration of risk management will get you more limelight when clients are evaluating your response to the bid. Identifying risk is good, but handling it mindfully is a great sign of accountability. It is one of the qualities every client is looking for in their contractor.

Managing Multiple agencies

Any Council like NHS or Second Tier would like to see your plan of integrating services with other agencies. Your approach towards managing multiple things will leave a great impact on the client.


Quality is among the topmost aspects while closing any deal. Every client would like to have high-quality services irrespective of the cost. You can mention the quality of your services in the response.

Include Specifications

Check the request for proposal and address all the points in response writing. You can include the specifications of your services. It will help your client to understand your services.

There are small things like social value, security system, and risk management considered by the client for the evaluation process. Be smart enough and considerable enough during writing any responses to the tenders. Tenders Pedia help you to win the best tender by guiding you in right direction.